Madden NFL 18 Gameplay: What Do You Want To See?

What Madden 18 Gameplay would you like to see?

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Madden 18’s release date is August 25 with several options to get the game sooner. The G.O.A.T. Edition will be released on August 22 which will include five G.O.A.T. players of your choice to use in Ultimate Team mode.

Stay tuned for more Madden NFL 18 as we bring you more Madden 18 News and Analysis to get the most of our your squad and Madden 18 Tips to have you playing like a pro in no time. We will be uploading a ton of Madden 18 Gameplay and Madden 18 Franchise! We will also post full Madden 18 Ultimate Team Seasons. As well as Madden 18 Draft Champions and Madden 18 Ultimate Team team building so subscribe to our channel!


Shawn Kaoga says:

Using the new target passing with a good qb like Aaron Rodgers

Kyle Portus says:

i want to know if they will bring back the 1 5 5 defense

Deontae Jenkins says:

Have our cfm players play 2 positions like rb , lb and also to get rid of the ball carrier moves meter and go back to madden 16 where we had to just use the right stick to make all daa moves without having to worry about a meter

Nick Clarke says:

Are formation subs worth taking the time to do? Or does Madden just say “eff you” when it comes game time and do whatever it please with your sub packages? Thanks!

jbd456 says:

The new stadiums shots/fireworks would be great. As well as player intros. All during 1pm games. They looked great at night, but concerned how they’ll look during day games.

HBK JUJU says:

Will u be able to do a separate player cfm other than the story mode

Nate Koch says:


Darel Green says:

I would love to see linebacker gameplay as in their movement I read and heard what was said about the changes to the movement but I would love to see the movement changes



1Gram Gaming says:

I want them to bring back the old career mode. Not a story mode where everybody has the same career

Deborah Figueroa says:

They still have corny unrealistic interceptions animations

Tha Batman says:

I want to see team play, Qb scramble and defensive gameplay

KFP says:

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Will Heinl says:

NEW FUCKING FEATURES. Classic teams, classic Super Bowls, just something new.

And bring back modes like Playoffs and Create a Team.

Oh and I almost forgot, NCAA TEAMS.
The NHL games include like a dozen different leagues including college. So why can’t Madden?!

Dusty Wasson says:

They should left game face alone, the double xyz back, hot routes should be not allow only 3 box audable the jukes need to improve like quiker cuts and fakes madden 17 you can even juke the ai but the ai can make the user miss

A MVelii says:

Different gear such as arm sleeves, cleats, gloves. Will there be gear updates?

Kristopher Sanders says:

Can u make a video bout gear for madden 18 bro cause I want to see if the sleeve looks like if real NFL players were them and new helmet etc.

Deborah Figueroa says:

I need them to put back the regular swat where i can knock the ball down before the receiver engages…….this bull shit fake ass so called swating when the receiver touches the ball and then plucks it’s is straight trash

Joel Gottlieb says:

Actual SIM gameplay

barry hibbert says:

I wanna see the equipment customization

Greg Finley says:

I want to see how the oline works.How they pickup blitz with and without id the Mike..And if a free blocker helps if someone else gets blockshedded.

J Skol says:

Can you show equipment

ThatKCkid says:

Does height matter and does weight matter on wr-dB mechanics and catches

john warner says:

How the juke mechanics are different and improved and if weather and injury will be implemented if so how severe

ZayMac says:

Classic Teams???


pls create a team

ElijahMcCoy21 says:

I want to see 5 preasontations cbs Fox nfl net nbc and espn

Mairtin Mcgrath says:

New skill moves

RadSean88 says:

At this point…just raw gameplay. The lack of footage 2 weeks before launch has me wary. Curious to see if the different play styles actually play as described. As a Cowboy fan, hyped to see Cowboys Stadium, as we found out it was scanned recently.

Xbox Problems says:

I want to see less cheesers.

Boowt aquilles says:

ok i know ur smart…but why the hell u asking the obvious lmao ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!!! No CINEMATICS LOL dude really asked that question like we slow lol

Soopa Dav says:

Crowd reaction. The commentary was amazing this year.

Austin King says:

Yo is there any chance u can show the super bowl stadium

EddieHoff38 says:

I don’t wanna see gameplay I’m just waiting to play the game myself

Josh Hause says:

You know how you can get gear in MLB the show? They need to add that in madden for franchise player mode

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