MADDEN NFL 18 GAMEPLAY TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Target Passing, MUT Squads, Gamestyles and More!

Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Trailer DETAILED Breakdown! New features, improvements & mechanics detailed. Target Passing, MUT Squads, Gamestyles and More! FULL STORY:

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Madden 18’s release date is August 25 with several options to get the game sooner. The G.O.A.T. Edition will be released on August 22 which will include five G.O.A.T. players of your choice to use in Ultimate Team mode.

Stay tuned for more Madden NFL 18 as we bring you more Madden 18 News and Analysis to get the most of our your squad and Madden 18 Tips to have you playing like a pro in no time. We will be uploading a ton of Madden 18 Gameplay and Madden 18 Franchise! We will also post full Madden 18 Ultimate Team Seasons. As well as Madden 18 Draft Champions and Madden 18 Ultimate Team team building so subscribe to our channel!


country gaming says:

Day one best madden ever look them fireworks

Lavar Ball says:

Where’s the gameplay? Lmfao.

The last black saiyan says:

They should allow you to flop or trip when people swerve to get open


the body types still look the same ..are they working on that al all

crème de la crème says:

Won’t believe it till I play it. The running game is so trash. They need to allow players to run with lower pad level. They run up right when they are about to make a defender miss. That is no where near realistic or enjoyable from a user stick skills perspective. Go back to the days of ps2 madden where game play features were at a premium combining juke moves and cuts from a user stand point. Not a random animation that happens when you hold L2. You end up getting sucked into the defender. Yes great plays do happen but the actually user skills in this game are lacking.

Uly ByNature says:


Andrew Tamez says:

Can I get a video on cosmetic like new gear and such would love it


When you play mut squads can you lock up and do seasons or something like that or is there a leaderboard

David Costello says:

I hate that animation that Dez did. He would have gone down. His kness almost touched the ground and he popped back up and started running while a corner was on his back. Superman is the only thing that could possibly do that.

dan faust says:

The BEST Madden I have seen visually…

Nova Nebula says:

Will the quarterback actually hold the ball in his hands in this game

Alex Guifarro says:

Bro I’m super hype. If anybody wanna take some L’s in Madden, add me TH3_HUMBL3_28

Brody and Brody says:


WisconsinGamerHD says:

The player models actually looked really good I can’t wait to tear it up with Jordy Nelson

Wafflezombies1964 says:

About a month away no serious game- play of this game why? maybe its crap?

Almighty load says:

I just got madden 13 for the wii u help me I’m so broke

Jeremy Murphy says:

I would really like to struggle to hear the QB yelling an audible in away games. Also maybe if you audible too much maybe a rookie misses an assignment. This engine is about to make things legit… just not quite in this Madden

shawn bopko says:

this madden 18 is going to bad ass i like how u 1 jam wide recvers 2 the way u call plays on d 3 the blockig smile

Rand says:

Shit look lame as fuck

xMayola210x says:

Weak Sherman wishes he was in the no fly zone don’t put that bum with the best corners in the game in Denver

D Ewing says:

I stll think arms are too small on madden

2cool 4u says:

They could’ve at least changed the running animations…. They run like they have sticks up there asses

Leon Taylor says:


TastyDonutHD says:

when people say “it’s all cgi”, like have you even played madden? the cutscenes and stuff look identical to the gameplay always

Samuel Wu says:

This isn’t actual gameplay, besides that few seconds in the clip. Every year Madden brings so much hype but then is a big disappointment once the users start playing it. Sorry but if EA doesn’t release any real gameplay footage, it doesn’t mean crap. I heard the new story mode “The Longshot” only leads the main character up to the NFL draft, you can’t actually play that character in a NFL game.

KnowDat Productions says:

2:23 The one thing thats really bugging me… Is the animation after Dez caught the ball, you can see that he left his feet almost in a diving animation for the ball but once the defender touched him he automatically lands on his 2 feet, like I thought Madden would have gotten rid of sucked in animations by now smh….

Tracen. says:

I see jj watt still has that ugly ass arm brace lol

Joe Villacis says:

This target passing system is yet another gimmick used by EA to push their crappy madden game once again. I have been ripped off by EA sports so many times now that I’m not buying this game. I’m done with Madden.

KungFuSkinny 2k says:

Still nigga

Justin Coopwood says:

Another thing I noticed too was the arm sleeves look more realistic

Diorio Vousden says:

they gave JJ Watt small arms.lmao

Charles DotEmup says:


Reginald Durley says:


Savage Ville says:

Seems like another updated roster .. they need to add mouthpieces and let us show the back plate and switch the towel from front to back and more accessories and let us customize our character to the fullest like put tattoos etc.

Will hayes says:

Looks like shit

Philly Scorpio says:

This means nothing if you can’t experience it in Franchise mode….Oh…the mode that their not advancing on. What’s the purpose of showing gameplay of real teams when most of this retarded fanbase only wants to play MUT…the mode where people that’s Brown fans has Aaron Rodgers cause they don’t know how to draft on Franchise Mode. Or the people that plays MUT doesn’t have a real team they root for. Who cares about seeing Zeke Elliott cause on MUT, he’ll be on the Ravens…MUT is a clown show, Madden 18 is going to be garbage… the hardcore fanbase buy Madden for franchise mode. Their numbers are going to drop for Madden 18….cause there’s thousands of fans not buying Madden 18. & I’m glad…its time for people to take a stand! It’s Franchise of Nothing!

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