Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Mashup | Steelers vs Titans | Raiders vs Cardinals

This video is presented by EA Game Changers “EA paid for my trip to Orlando to capture early footage of Madden NFL 18”

If you want Madden NFL 18 content this is the place to be. I will be bring TONS of Madden NFL 18 content this year. This video contains early capture for Madden NFL 18. I was recently flown down to EA SPORTS Tiburon to get early capture of Madden NFL 18. This video will showcase of connected franchise gameplay. The Steelers take on the Ravens in Baltimore. Enjoy!

My Channel is all about finding the purest form of Simulation Gameplay in the games that are available to us. Sim is the only way to play!

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sean norris says:

Sim! Looking at different Maddens after watching your Ravens gameplay. I think QBs should have a new trait or rating for pocket awareness !! Good vid bro!

Christopher Russell says:

Bruh where my man bell at on the Steelers?

jr bigcat says:

RBs look like like they’re being fast forwarded when they get the ball. Geez

AllPro777 says:

Gotta laugh at how at 5:35 Peterson intercepts the ball THAT far inside the field but somehow winds up out of bounds. That’s been a problem since Madden 06. Funny how we keep changing engines and yet these animations problems never get addressed.

Old School Sim Gamer says:

You have any all madden content? Love the vids!

Eros Adonis says:

Who is that supposed to he in the thumbnail? That looks nothing like big Ben.. Lol

Elite Gshaw says:

What’s the answer to WHY ISN’T LEVEON STARTING?

Dylan Ross says:

how come some years the names on jerseys are HUGE (madden 10) and others you can barely read them? Last year got it perfect

Christopher Kidd says:

I mean my goodness. It’s been 13 years since NFL 2K5 & that game is better on multiple LEVELS! Like OMG, is EA THAT LAZY! I DON’T GET IT!

James Grinstead says:

They got the scoreboard wrong at the University of Phoenix Stadium!

hungryandrew says:

To Frostbite or not to Frostbite, that is the question.

habs4life41 says:

Why does almost everyQB have the same throwing motion ??

hungryandrew says:

Same generic sidelines where players wearing same numbers, all powered by the FROSTBITE ENGINE!!!!

Emilio Conde says:

Conner isn’t that black wtf

DonDizzz says:

rain game @Heinz Field, wheres the dirt? wheres the mud? looks like they are playing on artificial surface

Janet Croyle says:

If you ask me I think it’d be cool if they would add in more things to the fans, like the steelers fans should wave the terrible towel they should show fans like how they do in some games and even do an occasional player giving a fan the ball possibly even do a stand jump and fans pat the player on the helmet and stuff

bryant powers says:

My titans look op

Nicholas Andrew Salazar says:

Frostbite improved this game greatly vs last year

Matt Allen says:

Same animations. Cpu still throws to flats 1st or away. No awareness what so ever. Nothing new. Except player model graphic improvements.

Michael Tillman says:

Will they make the defense more responsive before launch? Looks like it’s going to be a run heavy year

Nicholas Andrew Salazar says:

The game looks nice and gameplay gets better every year can’t wait to play it

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