Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Impressions from Pro Player – Competitive Perspective from Litezout

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busywl69 says:

damn. so disappointing. new engine too.

Kourtney Bolden says:

I Hate Mut!

Collin Chute says:

Great video dude. Well balanced.

The gameplay is super concerning. EA please for the love of god give us a realistic PASS RUSH for once, it’s non existent, again. It’s extremely difficult to get that kind of time to throw in the NFL. That’s why people cheese and drop 9 into coverage in game. Even when dropping 8 guys into coverage the ZONE and MAN D stinks! Minute 2:15 is really really concerning. It’s gross.

Give the defense some love ea sports. Please.

Silverfox10 says:

Looks like football knowledge might actually mean something now!

The Valetparker says:

in bunch is the hb offset now?

shawn hickey says:

Man coverage, is it usable

Buddy508 says:

Great video bro. New subscriber. Love how in depth ya videos are. Great content!

holywar911 says:

Madden always takes things away and give them back to you

game is broken and always has been

Joseph sayers-panda says:

Hey man great video do you know if they have flea flicker in the patriots play book

Shawn Swain says:

Do you feel the fixed the cheesy db blitzes and the over effective Cover 2?

Dcdread says:

Good video, bro! Now I’m confused because I thought the whole purpose of creating 3 different play styles (arcade, competitive, sim) is being able to tweak the gameplay of each style independently without affecting another. The whole Madden community shouldn’t have to suffer because EA decided to appease the casual or less experienced fan by softening the zone coverages! So, the game will get patched post-release which will inevitably cause something else to get all screwed up that wasn’t broken in the first place! Just my .02

Matt Brown says:

Great pass rush WTF

vegas96 says:

U said 81 throw power 4 russel?

Duhceive says:

Pause it at 10:45 do the same adjustments but send that DB on the right and put that LB on the right in a purple

Rudy Figueroa says:

What you tryhard guys don’t understand and prob never will is that not everyone wants the game to be so difficult because not everyone has the time to spend over 4 hours and some no life’s even spend 8 hours a day playing this shit. Casuals wanna play when they can and try and get some rewards off h2h as well….imagine if every defender just played zone perfect and was almost impossible to find someone open, as it is it’s already a both trying to find someone open with lab blitzes coming at you, imagine if zone was stupid broken and every DB played like they had 99 all stats? Fuck that. Keep in mind tryhards, there is a lot of casuals that play the game on there off time and wanna have fun on mut h2h too, ea can’t make the game to difficult

ny_kia31 says:

Great review from a head to head perspective

Carl Brewster says:

Don’t get it half the defender in the NFL are great zone players should be difficult run right play read defense madden dumb as fuck

chr is says:

Am I the only one that is a little tired of these Youtubers that are excessive with there Enthusiasm? I want to give praise To Mr. Litezout for having a genuine authentic enthusiasm. You have the best videos out right now. MaddenDaily Solid.

Duhceive says:

Shoulda used that target passing

TheOmengod says:

81 throw power?? What is this HS?

Black Knight Film says:

Great analysis! Love the teaching style like coaching!

Travis Macord says:

leave it to #easports to have it right at EA play, then change it back to the shit zones for noobs wtf!! There’s a minor fix for the d lineman, BRING BACK THE THE D LINEMAN OG MOVES FROM MADDEN 07!! Why is it so hard for #easports to make a decent game??

XxXTank9000 says:

U people are actually going to destroy this gm saying u want the Dline to be better. Madden was at its best from m10 -12 BECAUSE BLOCKSHED DIDNT WORK that’s HOW IT SHOULD BE. LOOK AT the GOOD PLAYERS NOW WHO JUST SEND 2-3 WTF IS THE MATTER WITH YOU FUCKING PEOPLE THERE SHOULD BE 0 BLOCKSHED IN MADDEN. LETS SEE WHO CAN SIT IN THE ffUCKING POCKET AND MAKE READS…..

PizzaMan says:

Whats the point of being a game changer if dont listen. Most retarded company in the world

Matt Brown says:

they made it bum friendly again smh

Ervin Champagne says:

Rex tweeted out that they are gonna fix how the Elite Cb’s play the deep blues

jcphilivey says:

wouldn’t the coach adjustments help make the zone coverage better? Depending on the adjustments you make?

EricRayweather says:

Great vid Litez. Very informative. My favorite Madden 18 video so far.

SimGunther says:

I’m (not) surprised that no one is showing target passing in any of these gameplays. Must mean that it’s an unnecessary gimmick that needs serious rework if anyone is gonna be good with it; otherwise, it’ll be abandoned with Longshot mode real quick.

Matt Brown says:

shit ass game

Power Right says:

Where’s the how to blitz video you talked about.

SimFBallCritic says:

Great video Litez! We beat them over the head about the zones. I’m going to keep beating them until it’s fixed.

T W says:

Dang I been watching too many other YouTubers you sound like one of the only grown ass men that still play Madden now.

Ty says:

Aye good breakdown but Bruh u ain’t the only one that kno how to play madden lol

ClutchTillDawn says:

How are zones impacted in SIM or Arcade….or is it universal

Baseball Junkie says:

Yeah i was talkin shit. Ill buy this shit anyway

Mad Nes says:

Love that you don’t need to high point every pass. Was super unrealistic that the MLB could pick off passes to a target 15 yards down the field from him.

Matt Brown says:


J Evan says:

Rex was saying on Twitter it isn’t a patch, its a tuning issue. Lets hope so man!

ThomasN7 says:

Man coverage may actually be good this year.

Barcode731 says:

Year of the QB lol! This game is broken.

nick dietzen says:

How are the playbooks in madden 18?

Rudy Figueroa says:

I don’t think they should mess with the pass rush from the way you explained it, it sounds good…if you only send 2 people to the qb, why would you expect any type of pressure? I hate people that only send 2-3 pass rushers and have linebackers playing as linemen and then they just make them play zone, so u have to go against 2 more good zone players…fuck that, if you do that shit you should get backlash from it.

Matt Brown says:


Clutch Kota says:

how’d he get tackled at 9:42 LMAO

SpiderRoyal says:

Amazing video! The best one out there by a mile… So many need to know stuff. Keep up!

Davon Johnson says:

Lites let me know when they fix the zones. Comment when it’s fixed plz so I can order my copy. No need in playing until it’s fixed! And pass rush needs to be balanced SMH!

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