Madden NFL 18 Gameplay – First Impressions (Vikings vs Packers)

My first Madden NFL 18 gameplay! These are my thoughts after a quick game. The Frostbite engine is a welcome addition and I have a lot of thoughts on gameplay. My Franchise team reveal is coming soon.

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Walls says:

This the first Madden that I’m skipping since Madden 04. (i’m 19 years old) idk what it is but every year its the same thing where I get hyped and then let down once I’ve played the game for a month or so and see all of the glaring flaws. That plus the franchise mode is still so barebones and that is the only mode I play and care about. But I will still be watching your channel Cane, couldnt live without it. EDIT: I also said last year that I would skip 17 but I didnt and regretted that I didnt skip it as it had a lot of promise but was ruined by patches so I lost interest

Alex Dingee says:

Diggs looking like randy moss on that TD catch

Mr. Tree says:

When does the game come out?

Wyatt King says:

Jamaal not Jonathan Williams cane. Jonathan is on buffalo.

RoadKingHD_09 says:

I personally jumped straight into franchise, all pro 15 minute quarters and 15 second run off. Played as bears against Denver in preseason 1. Score was 24 17 Denver after first quarter. Both teams had 100+ rush yards… gonna try to adjust sliders to fix this

Th3NoobKing 12 says:

Do broadcast view so it is CPU vs CPU and you just call it…cause all pro will be easy for you…and all madden will be unbalanced you won’t get the realness of good players being good and bad being bad

Triigrr says:

So when are you going to be telling us what team you will be re-building in Madden 18?

zFlash_98 says:

I think the run game looks really good compared to previous Maddens but this is only one game

datdudemvp77 says:

Madden is ok but it’s just not a 60$ game more of 30$

Nvision says:


pigfeet79 says:

It’s about that time of year again. #let’s go

Devin Schwaibold says:

Even in madden 18, Brightful cant get away from the jokes

Captain Kharisma Keelan says:

Vikings resigned Mike Remmers? My condolences +MrHurriicane

young noble says:

It’s supposed to be simulation but yet the cowboys ran the ball once in the first quarter… ONCE?? No penalties throughout the whole game. Sim my ass. The game is the same.

DeShawn Thomas says:

damn bro you know your shit when it comes to football you sound like a true student of the game like me with boxing

John Kudlick says:

I will say, I’m really bummed that Franchise mode fans are getting dumped on again. We are still waiting for the Coaching Tree, where I can hire and fire Coordinators and then have them go on to success as a head coach. We also want the ability to have custom draft classes. So instead of Pablo Deadrick III from Colorado being the top QB Prospect, let us edit and create him to be Sam Darnold from USC. Or Josh Rosen from UCLA. As we creating his stats, you put in their combine stats like 40 times and bench reps and vertical jump and it generates a number rating like we have now. Ex: 4.56 40yd dash = 90 speed. Also, add in a revamped Team Relocation/League Expansion mode. If we want to add 40 teams, let us pick what cities, create the uniforms on a revamped Teambuilder app/website and realign the divisions. Speaking of Teambuilder, how about total team uniform overhaul? If you’re a Browns fan who hates the new uniforms, load up Teambuilder, go into Team Uniform and Create an entirely new uniform from scratch 2K style. Import a custom logo (4 total) and chose to keep the teams current colors or implement a whole new team rebranding. After you’ve created your dream uniforms, now is the time to dig your fingers into the Stadium Creator. Here you can create a new stadium from scratch all the way from the field you play on and how the grass is cut on it, to the font of the field numbers, to the endzone style, the deck sizes and colors, the stadium lighting style, the scoreboard style and locations, the custom team entrance, etc. If you so choose, you can also renovate your teams current Stadium. New scoreboards, new field surface and stylings etc. Or, once you got a certain legacy level as an owner, you can unlock your teams Historic stadium. For my Lions, it would be the Silverdome, Seahawks fans get the Kingdom, Eagles fans get the Vet, Steelers fans get Three Rivers back, etc. Now, after you’ve rebranded your team, you’re assembling your roster. Here, as your picking players, any plays who have played a significant time in your coaches scheme get a boost in their chemistry due in part to a coaching relationship. Or if you bring college teammates, there’s a boost to team chemistry. Etc. This, this is my dream CFM mode and would no doubt put Madden at the forefront of ANY AND ALL Sim Sports games.

zack cole says:

I actuall know adam thielen

MrTreyshawn22 says:

Think you should do either the jets or browns franchise

Kannon Coats says:

You should play Madden Mobile

Caleb Harcus says:

looks pretty solid. feel is totally different though. intrigued

Danny Ross says:

Go Vikes 🙂

Kent says:

The game looks good and it looks much brighter.

Angry Brazilian Fanboy says:

Still trying to decide whether I should buy Madden 18 or not. I know that every new game revolutionizes the series or anything, but this seems like Madden 17 with slightly better graphics.

I dunno.

costcoman34 says:

Get some long shot out on the LP channel soon!

Kareem SC says:

What changed? I’m sick of this. They talk up the game for a year and then when it comes out it’s pretty much the same game as last years for over $60. It’s ridiculous. Ea can suck a dick

Sam Wilke says:

I’m glad the movement in this madden feels better. That past couple have felt so clunky.

Cole Byre says:

Wonder if the game will still freeze between cut scenes when the public version is released. Probably. Fuckin EA. 12:37 on.

preston powell says:

Still getting tackled at the 1 tho

Mason Holliday says:

This game looks gorgeous

Jacob Johnson says:

Did they face scan dalvin cook or did they use a random face for him. I am asking the question is because ESPN said the did 25 face scans of rookies.

Colin Massey says:

Mike Remmers is trash

lghrns says:

I like how they did the DB coaching adjustments by depth chart also with the ID the mike feature

Brandon playlist J says:

Hey r u playing this on xbox 1 or xbox1s. or the ps4 or ps4 pro

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