Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Director Rex Dickson – What To Expect This Year


MisterJonesification says:

Rex: “I have a list of things to get to…”

Really? How did a lame ass story mode that no one wanted come before fixing legacy issues with madden?

19 year old politician. says:

Aggressive catch is still overused

19 year old politician. says:

Match zones are trash in cov 3 the fastest cbs struggle to stop stick routes short routes

19 year old politician. says:

You can’t even jam bunch receivers at times

Josh Davis says:

Apparently most of you don’t understand how big companies work, YES marketing is what determines this, when Rex says marketing he means the suits the people above him. Now go tell your bosses on Monday what you think should be done and let me know how that works for you.

Shun Quo says:

so what I’m all I’m saying is Legacy issues it’s hindering this game they don’t fix these Legacy issues it’s going to be the same thing over and over and it’s sad

Joey Knuckle says:

sad, I’ll probably rent it to see if it’s different but I know it’s still the same

Brandon Keisler says:

I’m still enjoying 2k5 and NCAA FB 05 with updated rosters SMH lol

Shun Quo says:

see this is what kills me about EA and this is what kills me about Madden they always got an excuse for everything that’s wrong with the game oh well one year is this and another year is that and then its Legacy issues that they know it’s there but they won’t fix it again they’re hitting people with another excuse and I keep coming back to it all pro 2K8 what’s the greatest on-field football game ever created did it have flaws yes it did but you can Overlook the floors and see that it was a pier football game on the field where ratings matter even in NFL 2K5 you can tell when you was playing with Peyton Manning you can tell when you was playing with Tom Brady you can tell when you was playing with Ray Lewis you can tell it feels different Madden is the same old game it feels the same it plays the same and it looks the same every year and it’s sad that people don’t understand that and people don’t see that so they glorify Madden as the greatest game ever to be made and it’s really not I even have to say game day was a great game it almost knocked Madden off I forgot the year but it’s sad man that they can sit here with a straight face and said they made improvements to the game but when you look at it it looks the same it plays the same and it feels the same all I’m going to say is we need competition competition will make them fix the game competition and put them back on their toes all I got to say man is Bring back competition

Brandon Keisler says:

It was very nice of Rex to basically admit that ea wasn’t capable of creating a good football game.

MisterJonesification says:

How is not showing gameplay for a game that comes out yearly ‘marketing’? That sounds like bs spin to me.

Larry McCormick says:

Out routes are almost unstoppable. You can put a hard flat and shade underneath and it will still get open. Man to man is still trash af and lock down corners like harris and peterson can still be beat by the simplest of routes by a 3rd of 4th string receivers. Instant block sheds are freaking ridiculous. sometimes i havent even handed the ball off yet and their shedding the block. The oline ai is dumb as the run past people on pulling plays or straight up let users run by them untouched on play action passes. Also on aggressive catches the receiver does not even jump for the ball at times.

19 year old politician. says:

A cbs logic should be to take away the inside and deep routes first and force difficult throws. not in Madden though

19 year old politician. says:

qbs can back up 8 yards and launch 60 yard bombs

J Rob says:

smokE And mirrors

tmacman says:

All I hear is excuses. Sigh, I want results.

London Baker says:

It seems that these interviews for answers may be an exercise in futility. EA has amassed an army of co-signers and promoters on youtube and social media at large that base their lively hood on “ripping packs” and access to special rights and swag from EA. And that doesn’t even include the game changer group. Their collective efforts completely swamp and almost completely drown out the “dissidents” that remain.

What gives Rex a bit more credibility in this interview that he would otherwise have, are the statements that he makes about the agendas of marketing(good cop, bad cop anyone?). Which is seemingly more honest that he necessarily has to be. Ian Cummings didn’t make those sorta statement until after his tenure @ EA. On the other hand, he could be just throwing the community a bone and shift the blame from the real issue. He is likely willing to do this on this channel as he knows this vid may get 5k views @ most whereas the channels promoting MUT are viewed in the millions. Then the game changers will clean up the rest of the insurgents( us lol) with their PR.

The more you look @ this situation, it becomes more clear that the only solution is to boycott this product. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to get a yearly product @ full price which represents incremental updates with no set date as to when said product will be complete. What year is this, year 5 of the 3 year plan?

I’m not sure of how many of you listen to EA’s investor calls. But if you do then you’d hear what their(Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen) strategy is. Their agenda is to make E-sports into a platform and sell adverts while at the same time establishing madden as a service through MUT. During the call, they hardly talk about simulation or making an authentic experience. MUT is not everything its the only thing. Live is also in the same boat. The reason they will continue to make live @ a loss is the potential to hook ppl with LUT by establishing a solid user base. The only problem for them is that 2k is forcing them to make a compelling on the court basketball experience in order for them to get there. As we can see, Madden didn’t not have this inconvenience which explains why we have the product we have today.

Madden is exactly where EA wants it to be.

Brandon Keisler says:

I love that Ryan,

putteminthegame says:

Whutz da point ov even interviewin deez catz if dey say da same shit every year? He basically said da same shit he said in ur last interview and he gon say da same bullshit da next one. How does dat change anything? Theres a reason y deez guyz only do interviewz wit people who ain’t gon call dem on their bullshit

MisterJonesification says:

What is the point of qbs having play action ratings if according to Rex, there’s no system in place to make players bite or defend it? That’s why you can try to set up play action with a bunch of runs, yet the ai will stuff the playaction pass anyway. They are either too aware or clueless at times when they shouldn’t be.

Brandon Keisler says:

Ask Clint if we can get a 30 day money back guarantee this year lol

Jared Brattoli says:

EA, please give us a ratings/sim based online PvP mode where we can use our franchise teams that we built. I’m so much more interested in that concept than MUT. H2H can be arcade, MUT can be competitive, and franchise exported team H2h can be sim.

putteminthegame says:

Rex is full ov shit. Iss easy ta sit and say “Well I tried to get it in the game but it just didn’t happen” every year but simultaneously promotin da same fuckin game – Fuck outta here!

19 year old politician. says:

Contain defender’s always lose contain

Kirk Ford says:

Rex is sooo full of shit. EA could has tons of $$. They could have a dev team work on the legacy issues as soon as Madden 17 launched, fixed all the legacy issues, got out all the bugs, started fresh with Frostbite. Rex acts like he dont have a big Dev team. Hey Rex, EA is a multi billion $$ company, you can fix Madden easily EA wanted to, fact is EA doesnt want to. This is exactly why we need competition, cuz EA isnt interested in ANY way shape or form of giving us the game we truly want, that what we see in NFL Games is in our video games, it’ll never happen until EA loses the licenses.

Mike Lawrence says:

gameplay isn’t something they can sell to the core. there it is. he said it. it must be all marketing and he big guys up in the office ruining madden and they dont understand anything about the community

19 year old politician. says:

receivers are overpowered off the jam

Lo Key says:

The new features huh Rex? You mean the “old” features that you brought back.

kutte saiyin says:

how have they been working they’re ass off on gameplay but the gameplay looks exactly like madden 17 just with updated graphics?

Mike Lawrence says:

how can sim not be competitive?

TheWalkingCashRegister says:

Now the Madden devs are blaming things on the marketing department? Come on man.

SimGunther says:

Rex seems to be so in love w/ aggressive catching that he’d be willing to take that gameplay mechanic and Julio Jones to dinner. So long as the predetermined mess w/ aggressive catching is in the game, I’m not investing in that kind of behavior, especially if he’s just gonna ignore issues brought up by many madden vets like MrSmith26 who have played every single Madden since ’88.

pasGedden7 says:


EliteTeamKiller says:

@RyanMoody 21 is it true you were banned from Operation Sports? If so, why?

19 year old politician. says:

Te’s run free of the line of scrimmage and beat defender’s by animation

MisterJonesification says:

Wow at that like/dislike ratio lol.

putteminthegame says:

Deez indy football game devs prove dat Rex iz full of shit.

Wowxaa says:

So why are we continuing to pay for a game that “marketing” isn’t focused on? If the creative director wants this or that, but you don’t understand the function, only numbers and dollar signs, you show your focus is not on true authentic replication of the most popular game in America, that you own the exclusive license to. So basically, for us who love football and would like to have a decent game of football on these modern high powered gaming consoles, we can’t because EA Marketing is cock blocking. A bunch of Carl Banks mofos up there.

This interview basically sets Rex up to be the #1 free agent once his contract is up and the NFL opens the license to more companies.

Is it possible to petition the NFL on the importance of not having an exclusive contract. This interview provides enough evidence that EA sports is not concerned with providing an Authentic Product, but using the exclusivity of the Contract to Bank Roll and create a Monopoly.

Why are we buying the games? SMH

The Surreal Journeyman says:

Is he serious? Marketing is at fault? Marketing?? WTF is he on? Marketing??? Lmao!

kevgret says:


Proves they don’t care about sim gamers

Shun Quo says:

see this is why I don’t play Madden and I stay playing all pro 2k8

Anthony Mosley says:

defense memory is in NCAA 14 and works just fine im currently playing it now

Retro Rezolve says:

They are trying to hold the sim gamers on one hand and causals/cheesers on another. It is damn near impossible. Slowly that add sim aspects into the game and it’s turning off the players who play to exploit the game. I wonder how they will push forward with that.

19 year old politician. says:

Cbs don’t follow wrs, I had Antonio Brown matched up with donta hightower

19 year old politician. says:

Why are crossing routes not being touched by lbs

Jake The Muss says:

Di he just say “Trying to please everybody is impossible”? I swear Clint said “Madden for everyone” when Moody asked him for 3 words to describe Madden, these guys are full of shit. Moody, your input is falling on deaf ears, my friend.

19 year old politician. says:

coverage defender’s don’t use the sidelines and field as an advantage

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