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Thank you all so much for all stopping by to check out my channel! For anyone who is new, I really enjoy playing  Madden and NBA 2k17. As I’m sure that you will find out, I just like to have fun and mess around with different games. Above all, and most importantly: without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this channel would be nothing. Thanks again everyone – your support is incredible!

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As always don’t forget to keep God #1❗️
Have an awesome day everyone ❕


"KING" Of Kings Gaming says:

Pizza don’t put your hands in the Cookieboy17 cookie jar

Gannon Stesiak says:

Thanks for the great videos

Extreme Raps says:

Pizza Do team play with Jips!!!

The goat squad says:

pizza actually the best player than the rest of them

Neverfirst says:

Yoboypizza called Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady

Ryan Ball says:

4:55 I liked how realistic it looked. The batted pass at the sidelines.

6:10 The tackle looked cool for the situation.

The next run at 6:15 I liked how your blue teammate trying to block for you didn’t have the best positioning but still got a slight push block on the guy instead of his guy just not even trying.

7:28 Your tackle on Faulk looked pretty cool for the situation. You probably should have pushed Faulk to the right but it didn’t look un-realistic.

7:45 Rogers should not have fumbled that ball. Tipical Madden. Seemed pre-destined.
Overall so far I have to give it a 9.5 out of 10. I’m sure the number will go down a little the more videos I watch but I am looking forward to playing 18.

BuggyBoy 06 says:

Do more

chad lobato says:

Do a video with Kay!

Jermaine B says:

the game look good no more warp tackle or catches and ball hawk

Tiffany Dalton says:

want is up with no facecam

Angel Munoz says:

Can you do franchise

Nathan Amaya says:

can I meet you please

Garrett Campbell says:

Is team play only an option in MUT squads? Or is it available also in just normal online play?

Owen Pollock says:

use the eagles phl

YoBoy PIZZA says:

Don’t forget to check out the other video today it’s litt boyyy!!!

Willyam McNamee says:

Top 50

Anthony Bosco says:

Philadelphia eagels fan!!!!!!!!!!!!m

Slick Mc says:


Aden Scarberry says:

Do madden. 18 stacks of packs like If agree

Barcode731 says:

This game looks and plays like crap. Terrible animations, momentum, gameplay. Have fun with your shiny graphics.

peanut butter bob says:

Pizza u got the QBs wrong tom Brady is on your team and Aaron Rodgers is on the Patriots

Mccrum is in I ! says:

This video sucked do drafts again right like if u agree so pizza can see

Joe The God says:

All my friends hate madden so this game mode is just there to mock me

Vette Lover 2204 says:

Get Ha Ha Clinton-Dix best FS ever

Nathan Manies says:

Am I the only one who thinks the squad thing sucks? I gotta be locked into what I’m doing. I can’t be worrying about someone else is doing

SkullGamer089 Minecraft says:

wow ur teamates were trash

Baby Zi says:

Can you do a iron man in madden 17

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