Madden NFL 18 Equipment and Accessories: Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look

We are back with Part 2 of our Madden 18 exclusive with Producer Dustin Smith we discuss the Pro Bowl, Helmets & Facemasks as well as Customizable Uniforms and Team Relocation in Madden NFL 18. FULL STORY:

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Madden 18’s release date is August 25 with several options to get the game sooner. The G.O.A.T. Edition will be released on August 22 which will include five G.O.A.T. players of your choice to use in Ultimate Team mode.

Stay tuned for more Madden NFL 18 as we bring you more Madden 18 News and Analysis to get the most of our your squad and Madden 18 Tips to have you playing like a pro in no time. We will be uploading a ton of Madden 18 Gameplay and Madden 18 Franchise! We will also post full Madden 18 Ultimate Team Seasons. As well as Madden 18 Draft Champions and Madden 18 Ultimate Team team building so subscribe to our channel!


Jb says:

Madden sucks now..
When u create your player u cant play both sides of the ball only your player..and simulate threw game only getting half of the experience.
We want 2k back

Rez Parks says:

I would charge you bum ass niggas like 2K do for every little thing. I don’t get it.

ChanceThe Raper says:

This video just pissed me off.

complete boss says:


Jabren Harris says:

Another throwback that would be perfect is to create your own team and stadium and your championship title again like the old maddens

52 Shots says:

2k could definitely do alot better in making a modern day football game like they did before

GH0STD3LTA says:

I was happy with madden last year….I thought they brought a lot new to the game when before it was just roster updates, now I guess they went back to not caring. We want 2k to do NFL!


This is what I feel have been EA’s excuses for the past madden’s

“We’re restricted by the console.”
Here’s a new console way better than the last.
“You know, it’s our engine.”
Here’s a new engine
“You know, it’s just really hard…”

What’s been added to the game this year
Custom uniform? Na
Pro bowl? Na
Create a team? Na
Updated coaches apparel? Maybe next year
Any new facemasks? Dodges question. “Not at launch”

Whats new?
A scripted season.
Target passing (Stole idea from NFL Fever 2002, if I’m correct)
Fixed our bugs that we created but couldn’t fix in the past.

Give me a break…

I give you, Madden 18 $65.00 DLC (That will have bugs at launch)

ESBnation23 says:

So what I heard is that they are to lazy to add pro bowl

Jordan says:

Ea is garbage like come guys I hope the licence to nfl expires soon

Baye1980 says:

I thought the frostbite engine was supposed to make a difference? You fooled me again EA Sports smh

Rez Parks says:

Bruh y’all Madden fans lame as shit! Complaining like the 2k players. I always thought it was more deeper thinking people in the Madden community.

Sports Gamers Online says:

Part 3 is up now!!

Jay Dee says:

Wow just the total worst attitude a dev should have. They embrace the slow process & claim it’s so much work thats just terrible this game needs things done & added now not in madden 20 or 21

Lifesize Teddy says:

I see alot of people complaining about Madden 18….but I beat yall lame asses go buy this shit. I bet you are in line 5 hours early to buy the shit. If you don’t like it go back to play 08 or Blitz and stfu

Zach the Sports Guy says:

Why not scan the face with the mouth piece already in? That way you just model the part coming off of the mouth piece

joshua latortue says:

You telling me it would be hard to add mouth pieces to CUSTOM players?

dustin pedroia says:

so fix it dipshit, jesus christ

Isaiah Howell says:

2k needs to start making madden games again because Ea sports is lazy and trash

David Dietrich says:

Anyone else just hear a guy who makes video games bitch n moan about his job ?

Eureka Opium says:

Madden 07 on ps2 was so cool

Aaron Bazen says:

Dude, all these videos with the game makers are just them saying “no we dont have this” “no were not doing that” and just giving excuses why they wont be doing it.

This fool is over here saying “We dont like to half ass shit”

Madden is just one big half of an ass. I give up on that shit. Ive been saying this every year for like 5 years but. I wont be buying madden this year. Theres no point in paying 60 bucks for the same shit over again.

Victor Quang says:

Straight incompetence… what competent dev would say its too hard to do their job lmfao. EPIC FAIL.

Carlo Alberto says:

looks like i’m skipping on madden 18

ASAP TR3 says:

They need to change The chinstraps on some helmets like Aaron Rodgers doesn’t wear a hard chinstrap imo

Nick Crompton says:

As of launch the game will be no fun

Stefan Walker says:

Yet he is talking about the players appears and Graphics like that matters the gameplay is still horrible a lot of unrealistic and glitches. At least 2k made room for real player attributes. Madden please fix the gameplay less glitches.

TheBiggdogg73 says:

That should say something when even the devs at EA are playing NFL 2k5

Bubba 925 says:

WHO is the piece of shit ur interviewing?? Ima rip his fucking slow ass voice box out of his throat!!

Jeremy Carter says:

Sounds like players won’t ever be getting tattoos.

coooltroll Nub says:

I’m sorry no one gives a fuck if u scan helmets how about improving gameplay instead, the online blocking ai is TRASH

sniper whore says:

Mouthpiece pls

GH0STD3LTA says:

You wanna talk about how high the graphics are in the current game? How about the lame ass sideline players? They look like fucking blocks out there.

Khalil Cora says:

All I got got from this fucking video is we not doing it and people still are going to buy the game so fuck you, mannnnn FUCK EA

Jordan says:

Bruh they make the same game each year, how hard is it to make additions to your game? Go a year with out a madden if you need time.

Verivakis99 says:

Multi billion company finds so many excuses not to do something everybody wants

Tausona says:

I had a dream that NFL 2K was going to come out in 2018… I woke up to this nightmare called Madden.

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