Madden NFL 18 Early Capture Gameplay | Steelers vs Cowboys | 1080p

This video is presented by EA Game Changers “EA paid for my trip to Orlando to capture early footage of Madden NFL 18”

If you want Madden NFL 18 content this is the place to be. I will be bring TONS of Madden NFL 18 content this year. This video contains early capture for Madden NFL 18. I was recently flown down to EA SPORTS Tiburon to get early capture of Madden NFL 18. In this video you will see raw gameplay only, no voiceover. The Steelers vs the Cowboys in Jerry World. Enjoy!

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Arthur Prioletti says:

SimfballCritic what is the game speed at. Can u plz answer

MBL Network says:

Pick 6 on goaline vs man was nice to see!! Great gameplay videos as always man!! My guys really enjoying it

nRz DC says:

So Zeke wouldn’t run out to save the timeout damn I hope they can get intelligence right in a game soon


Awesome gameplay Sim. Was you playing on All-Madden?

thatboyjo says:

Did room retire ? Why wasn’t he the backup ?


Qb jus stands in the pocket no motion..suffering from the drew Bledsoe effect

Brandon Cox says:

Not surprised by this continued garbage. If they truly want to make a good simulation football game then they need to start from scratch with everything. These animations are old and look terrible.

Dj Bingham says:

A defensive end does NOT always loop around. Clint should know these things. They rush inside & use spin moves. SHOW D LINE SOME LOVE IN 19 PLEASE????!

Splashiful says:

That intros annoying

PACK MAN says:

One thing Madden really, really needs is dynamic crowd noise. 3:57 the home team picks off a pass and takes it almost 99 yards for a td. Crowd doesn’t really seem to care much. Remember in NCAA when the crowd and controller would shake in tense situations? That was a little thing that made a HUGE difference in how the game felt, Madden really missing a chance to add a small thing that would make a big difference.

Elite Gshaw says:

They need some improvements. A.) I think it’s weird the qb doesn’t bounce and look. It should be added. B.) We’ve seen the same takle animations the past few years. They need to add like 6-7 new ones, not one or two. And C.) I think they should make tip toe ing the sidelines in the endzones better. I would like to be able to throw a pass to AB in the corner of the end zone to see him make a tip toe TD. Along with more diving catch animations. I’m sick of getting basically the same game every year with one or two small changes aside from rosters. COME ON EA PUT IN A LITTLE MORE TIME AND WORK.

Vinny says:

The stadium looks gorgeous this year both inside and outside. Real excited hope it’s a good game

Antonio Fletcher says:

Where’s the pass rush??

ny_kia31 says:

4:55 favorite sequence of the vid, but needs to trigger with a bit more urgency

Jermaine Reese says:

Can you please explain why Defensive Tackles in every video are not getting any pressure they are all just getting stone walled? It seems their ratings doesn’t matter and all centers and offensive guards are winning every play.

Justin Moore says:

They need to fix Jaylon Smith’s face.

Jamal Rozier says:

Looks like the same ole Madden smh.

sean norris says:

I’ve done my complaining. Need to see more QB movement by or right after release and the to much open field in zone coverage problem. The animations are old, but I don’t care. I want the gameplay to be there, physics tightened up which they have been a little. The only complaints as far as outside of gameplay is that fucking bent knee walking after plays end and the dead sidelines! I hope they are serious about putting time into franchise next year. Not sure. But did they add locomotion to all 22 on the field ?

Flesh N Bone says:

$teelers Nation ✨

iceman4311 says:

Passrush pretty non existant

Dex - says:

THX SimfBallcritic   Game looks nice this year and blocking also looks good too.Would like it if they gave QB’s different voices instead of the same voice for every QB cadence. Noticeable but a small thing to change.After playing Madden for a long long time; its time to put a little change on that for refreshment. Dynamic weather next year —DeX

Garkis Bloodlust says:

How come the QB just stands there motionless with no bounce or anything?  That looks fake as hell!

Michael Tillman says:

You gon bash this game when they take the chain off ya neck

arod927 games says:

I wanna see Eddie Lacy

ny_kia31 says:

So much for target passing being “OP”

Trizzy Tre says:

Yo these graphics are sick and that stadium looks amazing

Rookie Tryhard 2.0 says:

It sounds just like Dak before snaps.

Yankee Fan101 says:

What difficulty level are these gameplay videos on? All Pro or All Madden?

Adam Worthy says:

@simfballcritic what was your opinion on josh Dobbs Friday night and us possibly trading for trumaine Johnson?

Tyrone Jarrett says:

Nice Gameplay. Game looks good this year.

Marvin Garriss says:

Thanks simfball critic for playing my cowboys vs your Steelers like all your videos you posted, can’t wait for ea access and madden 18 to launch

Toby Morvant says:

Sim could you please do a Saints Bucs matchup? I haven’t seen any gameplay from these teams yet. Much appreciated!

Jarodd Lowen says:

Seems real easy to the pass the ball. It also seems like the awareness of the CPU QB is still poor. Is this on All-Pro? Jarodd21

pigfeet79 says:

nice competitive game

Skyler Brogger says:

I don’t get why on some fumbles when a player picks it up they call them down right away when there not on the ground and there standing up, especially when the offensive lineman picks up a QB fumble

colin mcmenamin says:

Passing animations still look pretty terrible

Dj Bingham says:

No pass rush from the dts!!!

49UNCFAN says:

Is this Xbox One X or Xbox S?

ImCrack says:

What capture card do you use?

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