MADDEN NFL 15 PS4 Full Gameplay: Saints vs Falcons – Week 1 NFL Regular Season Matchup Simulation



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MADDEN NFL 15 PS4 Full Gameplay: Saints vs Falcons – Week 1 NFL Regular Season Matchup Simulation


I make YouTube gaming videos. NBA 2K is one of my most popular series, but I play other games too such as Grand Theft Auto series, Madden series, EA SPORTS UFC series, Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Need for Speed series & Saints Row series. I am sponsored by AstroGaming, ElgatoGaming & BigShotModz.


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Abdorahman Obad says:

This is not real life football so the Falcons could have won if it was real football

Robin Armstrong says:

Drew brees sack and fumble but they got the ball back

Thomas H says:

WOW there is NO excuse whatsoever for woiilow not reovering fumble 5:35

darvel burgess says:

do the saints have their coach back

Robin Armstrong says:

I hope saints get ball first

dboyadogg says:

Lol they fucked over ps3 users big.. Nothing different in the ps3 version from 25

Zhevin Kent says:

Add me on ps4 Wave_Head_Nigga

Payne Faust says:

Any copy right on the music on this..? Need to know.

Nicetreday14 The Robloxian Warrior says:

this year i want the saints to destroy the falcons!!!!

TheNighthawk says:

using Saints in this matchup

Mars Sanchez Navarro says:

No it don’t dumb ass Xbox sucks

olskoolbassterd1972 says:

The problem with this and all these other Madden simulations is they don’t account for injuries. The LT for the Falcons is out for the year and the rookie RT moved to LT.

Mario Williams says:

Why is it that Sean payton is NOT the coach yet AGAIN for the Saints?? It’s been like that for the past few years…

Kristopher Garland says:

Is this a tournament?

Robin Armstrong says:

Sack Matt Ryan

Tom Faust says:

That was cool go falcons!

B Slaughter da commissioner says:

Who Dat!!

I trigger Liberal SJWS says:

Saints forever

WhoDat4Life says:

Goddamn, Marcus Ball ain’t that dark…

Logan Holbert says:

xbox ones better

Javone Phillips says:


Zhevin Kent says:

Add me on ps4 Wave_Head_God

CELANGEL cabrera says:
Kerry kippert says:

Drop back drop ball

Tom Faust says:

Rise up!!

Maverick Army says:


Eric Grant says:

the truth shall set you free

lindsey johnson says:

This game looks totally diff in person

Balbina Vede says:


Robin Armstrong says:

C’mon saints beat falcons

Robin Armstrong says:


Angela Patterson says:

they suck

Robin Armstrong says:

Saints are In the redzone

Sports Highlights says:

That simulation was a fucking joke

James Whitaker says:

I like the falcons better

Christopher Perkins says:

Rise up

Chris M says:

Oh how I love you!!!! Thanks for posting this game, I been wanting to see this so bad!!!!

TheAlmightyClipse says:

FUCK.. NFL FEVER 2003 by microsoft studios on Xbox was better than this lame shit..Horrible graphics and gameplay..
somebody should let EA know we’re in 2014..this is the best they could come up with?…

secretspy73 says:

Why the fuck is Sean Payton not in the game!

Pryme Malik says:

Saints my fav

APB 225 says:

I have noticed Phil Simms wears a different shirt and tie most times but Jim Nantz doesnt change . Anybody else notice that or is it just me ?

Angela Patterson says:

dude get a xbox 360 it has a lot a lot better graphics

Robin Armstrong says:

Touchdown saints….Saints 7 Falcons 0 c’mon saints

Sam Liming says:

I love saintssssss

Robin Armstrong says:

C’mon Drew Brees

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