MADDEN NFL 15 PS4 Full Gameplay: Jaguars vs Eagles – Week 1 NFL Regular Season Matchup Simulation



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MADDEN NFL 15 PS4 Full Gameplay: Jaguars vs Eagles – Week 1 NFL Regular Season Matchup Simulation


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Oscar Moore says:

I just purchased madden 25 for ps4 yesterday and I know im a year behind because madden 15 is out but is there really a big difference between the two does any one know.Personally I think the game has been and looked the same since the ps2 version honestly.

tony melendez says:


onevoice onevision says:

still looks like there sliding and floating some..nice eye candy I guess, they will never make the perfect Madden because then everyone would just play that one and quit buying it each and every year..

Sean Baucum says:

Eagles dont huddle, should have them giving ball to ref and lining up…guess they forgot that 🙁

kendrick mcleod says:

I like that jaguars players bash the eagle players

Ibn Burton says:

Eagles rock

keit & alli pabich says:


guitar man94 says:


Mailbag54 Gaming says:

why dont you play as one of the teams

IxOUTLAWxI says:

The A.I. in this game is ridiculously stupid, Mccoy and Sproles repeatedly run straight into defenders instead of hitting the 10 foot wide hole

Damica Winston says:

I think it’s okay

Keely Baker says:


Kathy` Reppert says:

i love my eaglers sow go eagles go

Brian Best says:

3:59 How is that guy not down?

Evil Bunny says:


Phil Nunziata says:

what system is this being played on?

KingDev Gaming - Daily NBA 2K15 & Madden 15 Videos says:

YEEEERRRRPPP! JUST watch some of this just to see how good the gameplay was and this game looks awesome!


Lets go eagles

Tramaine Williams says:

number 18 on the eagles did the oddell beckham jr catch

Kristopher Garland says:

Are game face studios doing up to week 16 and playoffs Sim videos?

Billy Peterson says:

Why are the Eagles huddling?

Baby mama Forever says:


Tony Montana mang says:

Well, the real game turned out way more entertaining than this. What a comeback.


David Perez says:

49-17 eagles
Bleeding green

alvin rozon says:

This is the same fucking game from last year.

KeShaun Bellamy says:

where’s my nigga Parkey he got a leg

cedric andrews says:


Philp Yung says:

They finally got the guys to pile up on top of one another.

I quit playing Madden years ago after the franchise turned to trash during the jump from XBox/PS2 to 360/PS3.  I always noticed the bodies didn’t pile up like they do on a real football field.

That stutter I am seeing is pure whackness.  Can’t believe the game industry is failing so hard right now.  They are pushing shit out the door.  Performance issues and glitches abound.  Horrible.

Oscar Moore says:

Just like 2k tear they azzes up on the N.B.A. hardwood they would do the same in a football game if they could get the license and put some heat on E.A. sports.There was another football game that came out back in the day that was on madden azz too I just cant remember the name of it. I do remember the hits being devastating though.

Dudemandudeman19 says:

The spectrum is in the fucking background. That building was demolished in 2011

elias montelongo says:

#FlyEaglesFly Go Birds

Jose Sanchez says:

my eagles da best

Stats85 says:

will use Eagles in this matchup on my 32 team season

TheChupi123 says:

philly will dominate

Kristopher Garland says:

Can u get randomly drafted in madden 15? In franchise

forever love says:

20mins التسليم بعد الدفع,detriment Coins i like mmovip. com,Do not ask me why

ECWnWWF says:

I normally don’t make 2 comments, but this is pretty accurate – I predict an ugly/sloppy game between these 2 teams – except I believe the Jaguars will win – because they’ve never lost a game in Philadelphia & Chip Kelly has never won a home opener in the NFL

ECWnWWF says:

I got to 1:45 mark in video and have to thumb this down, you didn’t change Eagles uniforms to the Randall Cunningham/Reggie White/Jerome Brown era kelly green. – for that, big thumbs down.

Esther Solache says:

I like madden nfl 15 because im going to get it for my birthday

Jordon Kallie says:

it is OK

Andrew Leech says:

Now we all knew who was going to to before this video started.

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