Madden 19 (PC) Gameplay (Ultra Settings)

Check out a full quarter of AI-vs-AI action from the first Madden on PC since 2007 as the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl rematch!

PC specs:
GTX 1070
Windows 10


(NOTE: Crowd Quality is the only setting I had to lower. On anything above Medium it hammers your GPU during certain camera shots which leads to fairly low frame rates. Thankfully, however, the difference between Medium/High/Ultra is fairly negligible.)


Michael Nichols says:

Holy shit, my mom thought i was watching a real game ROFL…. it looks amazing

Jason DeKeyser says:

I ditched the console finally and glad I did! This game is dope with a 1080ti card 1440p resolution and 144hz G-Sync Dell monitor with frame rate locked at 60fps! Amazing! The online community is awesome as well. I made a lot of friends playing MUT on PC. More so than I would of made playing on Xbox. I played the Xbox version as well at a friends and it looks fuzzy and player animations are not as good. So glad I am back on a PC!

William Klier says:

We want NHL on PC!

Archer says:

Origin seems legit. I paid for the Yearly. I’m not about to pay 180.00 a year when I can pay 99.99. I pay about that much for single games.. What with DLC and crap.

Roth Wood says:

Graphics are wayyyy better on PS4 and Xbox One.

Sirblunts101 says:

wtb nhl year after year for pc.. still waiting….

Retro Sports Games says:

I can run with, gtx 1050 i5hq 8gb ram ? Or notebook acer nitro 5 ?

Mohamed Mostafa says:

I want to understand the rules of this game or how to play it ?

Nathaniel Rucker says:

How do you get that playing angle?

ReturnoftheBrotha says:

Animations are still stiff and Brady still looks like some random guy after all of these years? EA is too lazy which is why they made sure to buy out the comp!

Archer says:

So my only problem with this game is the super human corner backs. They have this weird “speed boost” to get to the ball and better hands then my top Wide Receiver -_-

10 interceptions in 1 game… and 7 the next… They dont even deflect. If their hands even touch the ball its an interception. These AI corners and safeties have been given fake difficulty.

(Fake diffaculty means when the game devs give the AI impossible feats to make the game a challenge, I.E GTA 5 Police cars being able to out run a maxed out super car.

James Scott says:

How to turn this mode off

Honkmensch says:

How i can disable HDR? i cant change the grey picture…it sucks. help pls

Dietrick Clay says:

It’s dumb how madden 19 wont let you play on broadcast view online. I don’t like to play up the field view

Reedo Burrito says:

ok just might get it on pc

Sergeant Camacho says:

I hope modding will be allowed. Or custom rosters community.

R says:

Man, the animations are so bad, lol But it was cracked, so why not give it a try. It’s shame how EA has the monopoly of this franchise, it will keep them alive forever

Mikael says:

Dumbest sport ever 🙂

Cavity Creep says:

dont buy this bullshit game it has no controller support

Marcelo Sanchez says:

14 minutes, 0 poits

Chadwick McCollister says:

Is it just me or do the physics still seem a little janky for a PC game in 2019? EA needs to to work on model physics. Looks like a console port to me.

Antonio Austin says:

@8:27 “but fortunately he was able to recover his own fumble”….

Kyle Heichert says:

amazing quality

strykeback24 says:

Great demonstration

Joseph Pawlowski says:

too little too late, i stopped knowing about the nfl when you took the game off pc 10 years ago!! is shaun alexander still a thing? how about tiki barber and rhonde barber? that’s when i left off

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