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In Madden 19 there are a lot of gameplay changes tried to player control and animations. EA Sports is going for a more authentic looking and feeling game, and I hope it delivers the best football gameplay we’ve played. It’s hard to judge until we see raw gameplay of the game.

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The Madden NFL 19 news cycle has begun and I will cover all the important information here on my channel as we receive it. The first info is out including the release date, and some of the key features the game has focused on for this season.

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Rodrigo Cuevas says:

Frostbite was one of the best things to ever happen to Madden.

Tron Wayne says:

Been watching you for like 3 years now how dont you have atleast 500k subs!!!

Jamall Lyles says:

maadden19 yes

tre _sms says:

Where’s my Kalispell warhawks offseason!?!

TattedGriffin says:


Stryker218 says:

The superbowl presentation and celebration is EXACTLY the same as they were in Madden 07, just remember that when you are thinking of buying Madden 19, DONT DO IT!

urface pwnd14 says:

Still unrealistic, they have the Browns beating the Saints.

akgang 24 says:

Hey cane it me again I really think you should be Cleaveland

lghrns says:

The fact that natural that happen every Sunday is known as a “feature” just isn’t enough for me, I think they don’t take franchise seriously. How I talking about past games a new feature, like come on now that’s just lazy. Madden 19 isn’t it

Ultimate 2DK says:

You should do the 49ers

Ben Barth says:

i just want different commentators. Listening to Charles Davis and Brandon Gauden every game for 2 years plus this one, gets a little boring and I don’t like them as commentators anyway.

Adam S says:

This is a great video but I can’t sleep knowing that 5 all stars are on one NBA team

Corey Drennan says:

Well, since the Nba season is already over, I’m gonna need a lot of content from you to fill the void!!

Wheels From Youtube says:

Hey Mr.Hurricane love your bears franchise on Madden 18 keep it up

Garrett Racine says:

11:18 agreed Cane… agreed

Puppy Dog says:

Does anybody ever wonder why an older game such as NBA2k13’s customization is better than Madden 18 or 19’s? Yes, I know that in a basketball scenario, details are more important due to more visibility of the actual player model, however, just being to choose between 6 or 7 skin tones and 6 presets feels like customization from the PS2 era.

Jack Nothing says:

Yes please – less of showing the coaches. Also if they are going to show them I hope they stop animating them to act like 5 year olds. They currently over react to everything.

Spotlight Productions says:


Flameosaurus says:

Question unrelated to the video, but what is the greatest college football game of all time? (In your opinion, obviously)

Garrett Racine says:

Cane, can you win a title with the Bears, and just end it already lol

John Zich says:

So… cool for the fancy graphics but why haven’t they added the fantastic halftime show from ESPN over 13 years ago. That halftime show showing replays from other games along with scores and stats that went along with the classic ESPN song was legendary and added immersion although this seems like decent progress 13 years later lol

Cam Smith says:

I’m happy with what they are adding, but it just isn’t enough

Zach Nelligan says:

Cane they already said they didn’t touch Relocation teams this year so it’s the same teams and uniforms we’ve had for 2-3 years

Jacob Waldman says:

You should do a series as a relocation team. Maybe take a team that hasn’t won a super bowl in their original city and see If you can bring them a championship in their new city

Aiden Shearin says:

Does this mean the Ray Lewis facemask is finally coming

Galactic Gamimg says:

Is it me or do the pads in the players look to big

Andrew Lord says:

Sounds like a DIFFERENT GAME this year

John Czaplinski says:

These are nice features, but still looks like madden 18.5. I definitely won’t buy it full price like I have in the past. No major changes is frustrating especially since they talked about franchise getting love in the past. That combined with the ratings “guru” who is completely biased is so off putting from ea.

Damon Piaquadio says:

Any hints to what team you’ll be using for Madden 19 CFM?

Garrett Racine says:

I hope that this is all real man. I’m not going to pick if up right now, but still, I would to see something like this in the game. I have to see if it is real though. Madden hates us, so ya, that is scary

Javon123 4 says:

11:09 Odell looked amazing

Corbin King says:

Just crack the game on pc

G-Money 123445 says:


Peyton says:

Have you been playing the demo cane?

Kris Garland says:

Can’t wait!

Black Lion says:

Madden 18 still kicks ass

Rhett Beast says:

You are a great youtuber

thisiscolexus says:

Cane, the 50+ teams for relocation is likely the same as 18. We had 17 cities, each with 3 potential names and logos so we get 51. I suspect they’ve left it the same as before.

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