Madden 19 Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings Gameplay – Madden NFL 19 (Xbox One)

Madden 19 Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings Gameplay thanks to EA Sports Madden NFL 19 being on EA Access for up to 10 hours!

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se7enX89X says:

Those character models are horrendous lmfao

Ckypwnd says:

Vikings vs trash cans

Randy Lawton says:

You dont throw into a triple coverage

Kelly Kawonna says:

Why do you drop back so far with the quarterback

mccowaniii says:

Finally got 2k5s arm bands right

Jacob Laflare says:

Y’all can’t play don’t upload nomo

Mike Robinson says:

Madden 10 ncaa 10 live 10 ncaa march madness 10 its all ya need.

BWayne96 says:

Lastly, don’t you ever run? Do you just air it out 70 times a game? Try balancing your play calls, maybe you score in the first quarter

T Weezy says:

Corny celebrations, same commentary, looks a bit better though. You can see a slight difference with the gameplay, I’ll be buying it though. Madden 18 was pretty good I think madden is slowly but surely getting better each year

SouthPhilly Kidd says:

who wanna gameshare i want madden 19 & i have ww2

True bengals fan says:

Bengals vs 49rs

Richard Harper says:

You guys kinda suck….

MrPewPew __ says:

Does steffon diggs have a face scan in madden 19?

Chris Nunya says:

we need an NCAA game soooo badly

Raabulls40 says:

I got to get this video game I’ll play my chicago Bears playing any one

Nate Karg says:


Jay Christy says:

Whoever is playing as the Packers is terrible

Xxx Frazilxxx says:

Can we get more Kansas City

Demartel Gilbert says:

Y’all don’t know how to play this game you accept the penalty

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