Madden 19 Gameplay Patriots vs Titans

Madden NFL 19 ARCADE GAMEPLAY!!! Madden 19 Gameplay Patriots vs Titans. This video is presented by EA Game Changers.

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Chris Parks Affluent says:

2k5 tackling is still more fluid than this bullshit. A game almost over a decade old smh

i ate at burger king says:

Please tell me they made innovations to the franchise mode at least

Milena Flores says:

Madden 20 better be a damn masterpiece. I’ve been too easy on EA. I expect big things next year.

Brandin Sholin says:

I’ll wait until next year to buy madden.. or the year after that.. or maybe the following year. Whenever there’s a dramatic change I’ll buy it.

Cam Goins says:

5:18 The Shoot Dance!!!!

david reyes says:

Wish they change the commentary the play by play is horrible

George Alimonos says:

This game looks like garbage

Jonathan McDonald says:

EA fucking sucks at making games just stop

doccholidae says:

Really? This is. looking the nfl2k series of games! There’s a lot of things to patch up on this

RDK83 says:

Is it me or do the players shoulder pads look huge?? And they look like they run/walk hunched over. WTF!????

Herman Mickles says:


kevin fisher says:

Why they gotta use announcers that don’t even announce NFL games? Things like this make this game garbage.

Wes says:

Why y’all so mad? Y’all acting like your supposed to get a completely different game each year. This ain’t cod or some shit. It’s football. It’s hard to change the game completely each year. From what I’m seeing I see some good improvements

Derek The dawg says:

This looks like ass

Adrien Robinson says:

Madden 08?

willie buycks says:

I’ll stick to madden 18 for a while. This game is the same exact shit.


he did the shoot dance lol

Smr3101 Gaming says:

The way the players run looks so dumb

New England Patriots Nation says:

He play on pro… why not all madden?

Amine Rams says:

3:52 Are you kidding me ^^

Brandon Bell says:

I stopped playing madden after ’16. I can’t wait for 2k football to come back

Buddy Rare says:

Idk if its just me or my 5k monitor but this game actually looks really good.

HattonA says:

Do a bears gameplay

Amanda Everett says:

they down graded

Joku Sekou says:

Playing on pro?

Gissell Tyler Chapman says:

At 240 min the rashann tackle is so fucking dumb. Can’t stand that. Is rex burkhead a fucking feather.


Lmao the commentators might be drunk in the booth 4:36

silent sir says:

Players still look like theyre being pulled along on strings instead of propelling themselves with their feet and legs

JC Dowell says:

We are just a 84 overall. Madden is broken. At least 88/87

Antonio Hadley says:

Damn that’s the background for Madden 19 wow dude no graphics at all!! And damn that commentary we gotta put up with that generic shit again smh!!!

Joe Hicks says:

This shit look trash and I’m a huge madden fan

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