Madden 19 Gameplay Impressions [4K] – Packers vs Niners

Madden 19 Gameplay [4K] PC Capture- Packers vs Niners. This is a presentation of EA Gamechangers.

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Outro by Justin Rarri:

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Ty Chaney says:

Zoom out, I hate that camera

Johnny Asevedo says:

Lol !! Wow the DT literally passes thru the center lol

Vincent D says:

This looks like shit

Paul Beverly says:

The dances of the lineman was incredibly stupid. I don’t understand, but I guess some kids see it as cool. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Ollie Gray IV says:

i just wish 2k and madden were competitive on pc =( i only keep console for 2k and madden……wish i could play for pc…i only see franchise mode and my gym being viable….no one plays pc…although madden just came to pc…

god says:

2k can do so much better. just look at live compared to 2k clearly ea is garbage

Mondoe SKS says:

nice but looks like 18

Kathy Swisher says:

Why the fuck is running the ball so hard, That’s a huge bummer… rumor has it the running game is pretty important in football.

NJ_ SOA says:

Can you use a created player in MUT?


Same shit over and over again. Fuck madden

Jay says:

Dam wow 19 I wasted my money on 19 going back to 18 in a couple days game is a piece of crap, trash. Maybe EA will come back to 18 and support it again . Black ops 4 beta was trash going back to Bo3 multiplayer . Why the hell is all the new technology in gaming so bad compared to the past WTF garbage.

xRuthlessSavage says:

Sweet…looks like madden 18,17,16

Caleb q says:

2:28 so do the players have super heated shoes lol

Giizzmoe Ray says:

That sack by the DT at 1:40 didn’t look like “real player motion” at all, it looked like an instant block shed. After the DT made his move the center didn’t even put up fight with him to try and prevent him from reaching the QB. He just let him right through and please tell me WTF was the running back was doing? It looks like he was supposed to stay in for pass protection but he completely dumbed out and didn’t even try to pick up the rushing DT that the center just allowed to come through the line. While the players may move better than last year, instant block sheds and stupid A.I. are 2 of the biggest issues that have been ruining this game in past years…and apparently it’s still there. Good job EA!!!

SmiggyG says:

More of the same……….smh. EA has monopolized the NFL license. That’s why we’re stuck with Madden. They’re so insecure and they made sure nobody can make a licensed football game. They bought up the NCAA and even Arena football licenses back when 2K was whipping up on them. The NFL is just as much to blame. This all started when 2K5 released for $20 and forced Madden to drop from $50 down to $30. The NFL felt it cheapened their image so the went exclusively with EA. Should be a lesson to all the company fanboys out there. Whether it’s Playstation vs Xbox or Apple vs Samsung it’s good to have competition and choice.

Jason Kressen says:

Great Madden 16 review! Thanks!

Jovaughn Holmes says:

They are playing in snow and not one player dirty it’s just the lil shit ea fucks up on bring back 2k espn shit

Slick Man Axel says:

Looks like madden 17 to me – same score menu same tackle animation same after the play animation- the intro to the players are BAD I don’t want to go to another screen while players r running out to the field smdh

bs2455 says:

Havent bought this shit since 2013. Keep looking for a better gameplay experience but keep getting let down

Antonio Rodz says:

Madden Player models are the WORST in Sports Games !!! Always that player with Small Azz Beetle Juice Heads or BIG Azz Large Heads with a tiny body !! Body n Head ratio are never Even out ! SMH

Elias says:

Wow this looks terrible

Andrew Kasson says:

they need to fix clipping and afterplay collisions. implement broadcast replay angles. cheerleaders real 3rd string and for god sakes get rid of that one sideline guy with the horrible char model… then bring back create a team and trash UT and boom happy fans and 5 star ratings …

DoubleDee1103 says:

It looks just like Madden 18.. Those QB intros are going to get old really quick . Same old Madden BS.

Paul Beverly says:

Hahaha some of ya’ll complaining know that you gon buy this shit….STOP LYING LOL!!! -_-

Trey Day says:

They need to really work on these games and not just take our money .. I use to look forward to a madden .. Then they change a lil .basically the same game..


Cant wait!

Sean Snipes says:

That song at the End Sucked

Derrick J says:

If i cant run the ball to atleast realistic expectations, then im adjusting sliders

Don Alexander says:

Another madden game I wont buy. I like 18 and will continue to play that one. This game looks like they haven’t even finished it.

Sugarshane says:

PC looks bad tbh

Fahiem Ahmadi says:

EA better fucking hope 2k never gets an opportunity with the NFL.

Orange Cheetolini says:

They need the injuries on

CJ Smith says:


Doctor MindBenDa says:

Nice but one thing I noticed is a weird delay players have before they celebrate a good play or after they something spectacular they stand there a few second then have a reaction..!

Group Therapy Records says:

This is the first time I won’t purchase Madden. 🙁 Thought about it with 17 and 18, but this time I’m for real. Please allow someone else to make NFL game. In all honesty EA needs to take a break on releases for 2 or 3 years. I won’t get robbed again.

chikytron x says:

People pay 60 dollars for an update every year.

christian bowler says:


wadeisnotcool says:

Look trash tbh

Johnny Asevedo says:

Is this Madden 18 ?? Seriously no difference, just players look alot more like blocks

PUR3 BR33D CH33S3H3AD says:

Thumbs Down Commentary

Will Heinl says:

Its the same fucking game as 18

Seth Lee says:

Everyone needs to boycott EA. We want a 2k football game already! All EA cares about is the micros on MUT. I’ll never buy a madden game again

eMdotcomTV says:

Soooooo you gon use 6lack instrumental heh…. ain’t mad at that..

Genaro Mendez III says:

nice video bro… but i gave up on madden… its been nothin but a roster update for years know nothing really seperates this version from the years previous… i’ll wait until they bring 2k back or another company that can give madden some competition. you run faster when you’re being chased. until them madden will continue to jog at the same pace

59ersfootball says:

Wtf is niners?

718BabyBoy says:

Ok to be honest I fuckin hate madden… hateeee it im a 2k fan boy… but damnn madden has never look this bad.. nah real shit.. this is very shocking.. was not expecting this at all.. my 2 cents

CJ P. says:

F this game. Bring back NFL Blitz or even NFL Street

marsh mellow says:

They need to fix AI in connected franchise

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