Madden 19 Career Mode (QB) Ep.1 – The NFL Debut of Marquice Walker (UDFA Quarterback)

Madden 19 Career Mode QB Ep.1 – Marquice Walker’s NFL Debut
Today we begin the journey of UDFA QB Marquice Walker with the New York Giants. Walker was a QB for my Kalispell Dynasty, and was a key player in turning the team into a high-level program. Walker is not the flashiest most talented QB, but he is a playmaker, and with some development, maybe he can be an NFL great as well.

This QB series will be unlike any other, as we follow Walker’s journey as a backup QB with the New York Giants. Who knows where this could take us? Will Eli Manning get hurt? Will the Giants draft a great QB next year? Will Walker bounce around from team to team before finding his fit? I can’t wait to find out.

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Corey Bruce says:

Keep it going hurricane…… loving it

Richy Santana says:

How did he get the playbook to look like that

Isaiah Cantu says:

U missed so many open men u cant read fast enough or u just suck

Eron Stensland says:

Do u like the vikings

Jack Perna says:

Bro your garbage

Isaiah Cantu says:

I put it on allstar first game i had 4 tds 500 yrds second game i had 8 tds 600 yards its easy for me atleast

Daddy Trump says:

Poor Eli..

the racing guy hope you enjoy says:

You know what I agree with you the backup qb can be a valuable player my example Nick foles last season and maybe this season but what do you think,

Alex Hall says:

Really great and useful video for me. Probably gonna get Madden for Christmas now! Much love from the UK.

Yoboy RaSpy says:

Guys come watch my videos

Hank Womack says:

Can your player get traded?

CG Gamer says:

I’m sorry but your a bad qb lol. You would have wide open receivers and then you would throw it to someone who is covered. And that play when u were at the goal line and threw a pick. U could’ve scramble you had the room

Connor says:

I think that it’s so cool that he played a college football game for him an then NFL game I just think that that was a great idea

Alexia Tolbert says:

I would never have a qb with 84 thw power! Lol!

Theresa Hayden says:

run the ball in the endzone when on the goal line

Jayswervo says:

Everybody is choosing qb

trent murray says:

How do u even make a player on madden 19 all I see is that dumb long shot mode


i hate watching madden because people never seem to make the passes i want, but you’re entertaining so i’m okay with it this time

Reyven Mosley says:

So take that

Chicken Daddy says:

Jabrill peppers is really mad has a int and a forced fumble and fumble recovery

Lito Stakkz says:

Why isn’t your guy white, you’re white

Danger DanSG says:

My only complaint is you had multiple opportunities to run especially since you have a mobile quarterback you should use it more often otherwise very enjoyable

Brody Clark says:

Ur not making good choices bro

Alex Ibarra says:

I like how in the beginning glitch

Charlie Goodfellow says:

Maddens back at it again with copy and paste for career mode

JOE D says:

How do u get to the career mode

Equalizer Edits says:

Omg ur so bad

Alexia Tolbert says:

Its unrealistic to have that many drops by the wr’s, they wouldn’t be in the NFL if they couldn’t catch.


I feel like you should rely on the scrambling more

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