Madden 18 | NFL DRAFT DAY (Madden 18 Longshot Gameplay)

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Graham Bob says:

Not gonna lie bigt you needa work on hitting the open man. Haha lot of missed open guys where you throw into coverage instead

Jay Dee says:

I was so fucking mad, I was thinking what is the point of doing a whole story mode for your friend to get drafted and you not to. Then when I heard you both get drafted I was hella happy

alexandre naudin says:

You make some weird decisions but you’re always fun so ill take it

Ronnie Ritchie says:


ajdk jshsj says:

yea its different for everyone. u didnt get drafted but for ark vot he got drafted in the 7th round 29th pick by colts

Mikhael says:

You’re ass

takemasterx says:

what a dumb decision bigT if it is his favorite team go with it, the only reason wade didnt get drafted was because you helped colt too much.

Casey Murphy says:

Great series!

Ahmed EL-Kady says:

Thnks bigt .. i needed that !!

CrazyCorz says:

This is my favourite part of the day…get to binge watch all your video’s 🙂

KiNGxLua says:

I clicked for the Raiders

MrJackmanu says:

So excited for ultimate team now, good shit bigT this was amazing and got me excited for FIFA18’s version of it! EA FINALLY STEPPING UP

Quexii says:

I’m only 43:15 minutes in but I feel like D gonna get drafted and colt isn’t… gonna ruin their friendship. Hope I’m wrong

Drey Sox says:

12:32 in .25 speed thank me later

Kurtio says:

If u dont throw to colt as much its a different out come but the ending u got i feel is the best

Jacob Green says:

In mine i got drafted to my favorite team and Colt didnt get drafted at all

Madden NFL Timely trading MMOCS. COM says:

Very beautiful 6

Christopher Suarez says:

On mine I got drafted and colt didn’t.

Leo Jr Gutierrez says:

U fucked up cuz u threw deep to colt inside of throwing the checkdown

Madden NFL Convenient MMOCS. COM says:

Very beautiful 9

OpTicBigTymeR says:

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Apologies for the static in all the videos today, it’s fixed for tomorrow. AND WE ALSO START MUT TOMORROW LET’S GEEEEEEEE

Moader6 says:

Throw, run, field, hit for average and hit for power

Matt Jones says:

57:00 what’s the song?
Also how good was this damn series? loved it Big T

gabriel rodriguez says:

Steelers over cowboys anyday

KiNGxLua says:

I clicked for the Raiders

Alex Clementino says:

48:05 The house number is 19-0 hahaa

Trevon Cottrill says:

Absolutely terrible at this fucking game bro, so cringing!!

Andres Salinas says:

Who else thinks Colton cruise looks like Jason street?

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