Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough – The Beginning Ep.1

Brand new Longshot gameplay. Longshot is a story mode in Madden 18! This video is presented by EA Game Changers! In episode one we get to see the beginning to Devin and Colts journey! Enjoy

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Michael Greene says:

Me to

Bloodninja35 says:

I got the game for free

ANM says:

Do you have to pay for story mode?

trash boat says:

People from Texas really don’t yell “yeehah” every five seconds

B_DOT musictv says:

Texas is the most racist state

JoeJoe Grande says:


Nomad Blade says:

Stop bragging about ea flying you out to get bs game coverage. So what you ea tramp

LilAnt 1903 says:

Hell yeah they choose cowboys

William Hofler says:

Hank Williams

N.A. White says:

This is absolutely retarded… i’m sorry but this is just dumb. We can’t even get drafted and play?

billips64 says:

Look and sound like the guy from the show night shift

Nick Ventura says:

The driver looks like Jason street from Friday night lights

AHS 786 says:

Wow this is his most viewed video and it came out like a few weeks ago

Marquese Afflick says:

Full game

Putnwork_ steve says:

This shit is corny black do not agree with this shit… plus madden is pull race cards I’m watching empire like the fuck…

Moto Cuz says:

I live in grace land st lol were he lived

vanilaturtie says:

Why does every story that starts with a touching relationship between father and son have to end with the dead dad cliche?

Jaden Storm says:

Im sorry this is wrong. Just like nba 2k16 when spike lee fucked up. So ur telling me no matter what i have to play as a black person? Im not racist in any manner whatsoever: but you do realize there are white players for the madden franchise right? There are indian players for your franchise? There are asian players for ur franchise right? How about makin us ALL feel welcome? Glad i looked this up cause strong chance I wont buy this game now. To force us to be one race and one only is racist in itself. It wouldnt be that hard to change the settings in the game to match the avatar’s race to the player. Thats the point of video games! To feel as close to you (the player) as possible. This is racist i dont care how ya slice it or what reason you put behind it. Its racist period.

Anthony Pearson, Jr. says:

The graphics on longshot are so good

LittleA Gaming says:


Alex Rod says:

shut up man cowboy’s the bes

Blue Coin says:

The Dad looked like mahershali ali

The Gaming Noob says:

Pick any team
*picks cowgirls*

irish rover says:

NFL champions the New England Patriots team are 70% white. they have the whitest offence in the NFL and are champions

JD says:

Madden needs to add online 7 on 7 mode with custom cleats and gloves

Michael Greene says:

I have it to

Infinite stuff member Member says:

I subed

Kyle K says:

What’s the name of the song that plays when they’re driving to Indy

Nasir Davis says:

Nice video I might get this game

Scottie_ R_Jr says:

wish you could choose the person you wanted to be

3La5yBoy5 says:

Wait I thought colt Cruz was paralyzed…. on Friday night lights.

Kensley Hunter says:

I’m playing it right now on my PlayStation its pretty good

yo boy BOOM 2425 says:


Brandon Rubio says:

anybody willing to file share madden 18 ps4 we can FaceTime if you need proof

Uncleogee says:

Remy denton in texas now?

David Marcus says:

is it best game ever

Max Out of you says:

this looks like the journey in fifa 17

A youtuber quite Small says:

So this just popped up on your recommend

Big Armando says:

This is really good best madden ever

Drunk Battlefield Friends. GAMING says:

I thought they was gonna leave Casper out in the rain.

Totally Dude says:

Fuck you and your commentary!

Aaron Harlem says:

I love this man

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