Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough – NFL Draft Ep.8 (Final Episode)

Brand new Longshot gameplay. Longshot is a story mode in Madden 18! This video is presented by EA Game Changers!

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NFL Top 10 says:

Who else already finished longshot?

Ennis Beqiri says:

Yoooo wtff why the redskins

Michael Crenshaw says:

Can you play franchise mode with devin wade?

arca173 says:

Deadskins is so trash bro.

James Kay says:

Ik ur a redskins fan but i wish u picked cowboys

Rich _Lyfe33 says:

Bro wtf

ShamereTheGreat says:

42:31 damn madden did lanny dirty

Julius Estevis says:

I hate you

Levi Bannan says:

In the first episode he said he likes cowboys so he should of chose them I reckon it would make more sence

Erek Augustin says:

Bruh cowboys

Ice Diamond says:

This reminds me a lot from Pres and Alabaster tandem

Ayobi Gang says:

Great series you need to continue it

sean hicks says:

you crazy why you didnt pick the cowboys crazy

Jared Spencer says:

Should’ve picked the cowboys man

Ethan Zaunbrecher says:

Wtf bro go w colt u stupid ass

Andres Garrido says:

Are you serious

riley jameosn says:

Should’ve picked the Steelers man. Oh well

Jaiden Williams says:

did telltale made this game stwww

Cam Mullins says:

How come Colts mom looks like she’s 30 years old

BaseballTB says:

“Longshot” – Colt Cruise

Head’n down the Midwest highway.
Chasin’ down the Indy skyline.
Brothers in arms just headin’ to the combine, as the day turns into night.
Clocks tickin’ down and there’s one more play.”
One more pass and you’re on your way.
Hey, he’s a longshot, it’s a longshot!
Gonna be ready for something tonight.
Gotta be something for the big bright lights.
He’s a longshot, He’s a longshot!

Francis Banaag says:

Don’t mean to hate on you but you honestly don’t know how to read the defenses, your passes are stupid tooo

Rich _Lyfe33 says:

U as mark

Betty Salcedo says:

What are you doing a 2K again

Jacob Pena says:

Longshot 2 being a longshot for the starting job?

DelusionalFan says:

Unfortunately for those fans that are hating bc you dont get to see his dominant success you are most likely going to have to wait for MADDEN NFL 19 where the next chapter will come out like FIFA fans had to from 17 to 18

Rich _Lyfe33 says:

They haven’t made it to the playoffs in idk how long

Oliver Allan says:

not gonna lie. Should have picked COLT

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