Madden 18 Longshot Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.1 – HIGH SCHOOL GAME & NFL DRAFT COMBINE!

Madden 18 Longshot Gameplay Walkthrough by @DionDoes
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IOR Steelers says:

game volume louder

Gloomygl _ says:

Yo I cannot see the video

Nick Wray says:


Titanslammer says:

Pls put on subtitles Mav

Mark Jones says:


March Madness Moments says:

3 days no upload what the fluff

cod forever says:

33:55 technically speaking madden Mobile cough cough

Martin Ramos says:

#CrackheadMav you hilarious Mav!!! I love your humor!!

Stanky Storm says:

I’ve completed Longshot, and if there is one thing I learned, it’s always be mean to Colt.

LaDarius Walton says:

Glad the characters are fr my home state the football state Texas

Thug Knight says:

they took shake and bake from talledega nights lol and then to add on to that colt looks like Jason Street from Friday Night Lights and he even sounds almost identical

AyeeWildd says:

where can i download this

RipCity says:

Who ready 4 mut wars 18 Team Juice all day

King Kids says:

Hey it’s Josh so I wanted to know if it’s New or Old how you did this before

Nadily Brown says:

so freakin awesome and cool

Shinobi Lets Plays says:

I know this is a bit of a petty complaint but it has been bugging me for a long time, but in future; especially for story based videos would it be at all possible for the game volume to be raised when Mav isn’t speaking. As someone who doesn’t use headphones the change in volume is pretty large, so i can barely hear the game until i turn it up and then Mav destroys my ear drums. Love the content and i love how Juice has progressed as an editor, keep up the good work, just a minor gripe. G1GB.

Kamden Crawford says:

He dose have a mut card

DomGunniN says:

Come on man make this daily get this out the way lol

empireone :P says:

14:39 roll credits

Jamie Gil says:

Mav where you at man? Where the vids been

Khaem says:

It says that the video isn’t available mav, is that cause I’m in Europe? Usually everything works

ItzCarson says:


stillrumone says:


Amu Baloyi says:

all Glory to God

Jeff Cavanaugh says:

I’m gonna send a letter to EA that just reads; Ninja devin look like he 30.

Dominic Fowler says:

Mav at an interview for a game developer “Yeah I had experience I was the crack head in the last Madden game”

A.J. De Anda says:

I like this a lot mav hope you play it a lot

Rico 1990 says:


mrglass311 says:

@31:57 Only 12 minutes quarters in high school. At least in Texas anyway. Won’t affect anything but peeved me a little.

alex larin says:


D3MONiK_ SHEPS says:


Aj Blups says:

Why is Future playing football with kids

killer miller says:

That’s heat man mav you got to keep this series going

bNick 52 says:

Mav I love it is lit and please do more

Adam Backstrom says:

Mav talking to Devin like a crackhead the Trent in the back clapping his thighs

Kean Harelimana says:

mav gonna be the type of ninja to rush for 1300 yrds and pass for 5000

Thatguy12345 says:

Colt actually has a mut card

Luciano Greco says:

Dude I went to your old videos and you swore so much

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