Madden 18 Giants vs Redskins All Madden | PS4 Pro Gameplay

This video features All Madden gameplay versus the CPU. This is a full game without any edits on 5 minute quarters. This is All Madden default, there are not any slider adjustments. This game was played on a PS4 Pro. Enjoy!

My Channel is all about finding the purest form of Simulation Gameplay in the games that are available to us. Sim is the only way to play!

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LouieRockz says:

The best thing about this game is the fact that they got rid of the stupid flash photography from the stands. Look at every previous EA game, so overdone.

aykay harris says:

thanks for showing me to not waste my damn money… that’s the same bullshit game from last year… I been stop play madden 17 so I’m def not gone waste no money on this bullshit… Damn i can’t wait till 2k get back into football..

Breeze Edison says:

Playing against the cpu on all madden and simulation mode is ridiculously hard. I’ve only won one game vs them on my franchise so far and my defense had 2 td’s that game. I am a high competitor who always ranks in the top ten percent on madden. I like the fact that it’s raw and tough but don’t have me throwing sporadically on slant routes and give the opposing QB ample time to throw even during a 5 or 6 man blitz

King_Q The_Goat says:

Haha we win

AbstractOvechkin says:

Looks like Madden 17 to me. Great $12 investment.

bstove24 says:

The graphics look amazing. Not so sure about the gameplay though…

qgreen100 says:

CPU still gonna complete 90% of their passes, don’t matter what d you play, I’m through with this game

Pinkbot says:

#clickbait #2017

Jeremiah Cleveland says:

That is not Kirk Cousins helmet

joltwarrior says:

This was a fun game to watch, felt like an actual nfl game, good job!!

Lou says:


S Mack says:

Giants first play from scrimmage is a loss of 3… at least thats realistic

awsnapz11 says:

So the safety just lets Paul Perkins run by him at 8:25 on all madden?

ggsimmonds1 says:

Jesus christ it is still the same AI problems as its been over the past several years. AI calls 4 verts, takes a sack. AI calls cover one press, gives up big plays. Seriously, cover 1 press against the Giants with less than 40 seconds remaining in the half??

The Clever says:

why does everyone play 5 minute quarters??? this is just like flag football….there is no strategy at all just wing it every play….for me I love the play calling options and to try and build an actual gameplan….


if I give credits can I use this gameplay for commentary

Austin Pasquale says:

After watching some Madden 25 videos, it makes me realize how good the graphics are now! Haha

Loso Banks says:

Madden 18 on 1080 frostbite engine looks amazing the textures the colors it looks good on frostbite engine it’s better than madden 17 I can see different big difference with madden 18

Caelum Manestar says:

graphics and gameplay look the same as 2017 lol

Ck Hay says:

Why isn’t obj wearing a visor… or the right helmet…

XxkanerulesxX says:

This is the worst madden to date.

william tye says:

Are you using a 4K tv? I’m considering switching to the PS4 pro but I don’t have a 4K tv. I do notice the graphics look and run better

John Perez says:

5:58 Why wasn’t Terrelle Pryor making plays like that this year? I was so disappointed in his production except for the one touchdown he made vs Kansas City week 4.

William Clark says:

Zac brown int was sweet

Outraged Octopus says:

New engine… Madden like you’ve never seen madden before…

It looks just like madden 17….i’m pretty sure I’ve seen this madden before….
Nice try EA.


Odell doesn’t even do those celebration dances anymore

Shady_ 703 says:

Everything looks great but the ball carrier moves… Can it be less animation based?

Sam Girard says:

We will sweep Washington this year

TheShowGamer27 says:

Alright we get it the game looks great EA, now how about a good franchise mode?

Myles Mackey says:

I’m getting a ps4 pro, and I can’t wait. The graphics are so real. I can’t believe it.

Matt Cullenburger says:

33:14 Why didn’t Kirk Cousins scramble the CPU is retarded

Ferhat Demir says:

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DatDudeTrav says:

HTTR up in this piece!

onetimeused says:

EA needs 2K sports animation developers. Game looks good graphically but the robotic animations still look like the same old garbage. I think Madden 08 had more realistic looking animations.

Dark Lord of the Sith says:

there’s supposed to be hundreds of people on the sidelines. Same game every year.

Charles Eddy Jr says:

The lighting looks terrific…. But the game itself……….. I thought it was Madden 17

jerrail88 says:



Still waiting for that NCAA. Madden looks good, but I’m a college football kinda guy.

ThePraisedOne 18 says:

Not impressed honestly EA needs to step up theirs game. In NBA 2K I can customize my player face and style, in FIFA I can do the same in MLB I can continue my Franchise from the previous year, instead of starting a new franchise.

Molly Guiney says:

Goooooooooo New York

Négusfirst says:

Same old gameplay

busywl69 says:

arcade football

William Clark says:

That was supposed to be a pick by Jno

Paul Kelly says:

It’s 2017, can EA find a way for Madden and Summerall to call these games? Madden has so little to do with these games any more. What a joke.

DreadHead_DMG says:

Odbs touchdown dance lmao. Wtf looks weird Madden

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