Madden 18 Gameplay Wishlist – Part 2 | Gameplay Improvements for Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Improvements we want to see!

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novocaine__ pain says:

I have the pleasure of direct communication. Clearly the foremost authority on all things Madden. keep up the good work boss.

Alix Springer says:

Everything was good, except the run part. You know how long it took madden to get it right? I dont want them to touch the running cause they will fuck it up.

courtney manson says:

If I want to take off with my QB he should just be able to go no hesitation

ItsJust Aj says:

Add a MADDEN Park like 2k

Odell Beckham Jr. #Odeezy #13Hunnit #BreakinRecords says:

Whats the beat at the end

Colton F says:

I cant understand shit that you are saying

TheCoolComplexity says:


*You’re not gonna get ANY of this shit. Oh my god. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this channel, I do. I’m a fan. But MAdden is gonna madden for the bros. This game is stagnant. It will always be stagnant.*

Yung Mans says:

The Natural is back, you already know I’m smashing that like button


I feel like there should be more hot route audibles too like post routes and stuff

willie pride says:

You can change the audibles for any play book I do it every time

dickem down says:

oh yea i forgot. dey need to bring back 155 n the delay bump n run

dickem down says:

hey u said my shyt just now. double wr reverse

David West says:

All is good here for the exception of audibles. Having coached and been coached there is usually a kill play which is something quick, a run left and a run right.

Something I would like to see is mobile defenders pre play. It would make reading the defenses a bit more interesting.

The Bud Man says:

Bring back total custom teams with custom stadiums and uniforms.
Add option to have unique celebrations (EX: Arod’s double check, Manziel’s money sign, Dez’s X.)

BlackPhoenix says:

More audibles AND custom audibles for online play are sorely needed

B C says:

EA wants Madden to have “mass appeal” which means it will never be a true sim experience that’s just the way it is – there’s not as much $$ in making it more “realistic ” think about teens or casual players etc

Cleveland Hulk says:

Hard hits ,injuries,

Monkey Mario says:

they should let us create our own playbook and let us re name our own playbook
I know you can delete some plays that we don’t use but I mean we select the routes we want instead of using different teams playbooks

Cleveland Hulk says:

If you play ultimate team, you need to be able to customize everything hell your giving EA a bunch of Money why can’t you customize everything

Steven Ellis says:

I will like to play with historic teams with my friend online I will like to be the 2000 Vikings the 2002 rams The Cowboys with Michael Irvin Emmett Smith The 49ers with Jerry Rice and Joe Montana

SwagDaddy T says:

Play ball skills from Conservative to aggressive tendency should actually mean something for corner backs when it comes to catch in traffic and aggressive catches

realone5o4 says:

In that problem game the other dude should of played prevent defense and left the middle of the field wide open and cbs do get beat like that In the NFL

Juan Parras says:

defensive suggestions at the end were fine, but the offensive ones aren’t good.

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