Madden 18 Gameplay Wishlist – Part 1 | Gameplay Improvements for Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Improvements we want to see!

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DarkHartKnighT Kai says:

I want more big hit animation is

tim roth says:


Rockies CREW 5280 says:

good video fam can’t wait for 18

dave b says:

It’s almost impossible to get a pass interference penalty called on you. I’d start with that.

Kendrick Ford says:

They need to fix the way any receiver can jump and catch a ball one handed over 2 defenders

Dr Death says:

Talking about speed being king in Madden… let me give you a good example of a receiver who doesn’t run a 4.2 or 4.3 40 yet still gets open and last year caught 89 passes for 1,003 yards and 8 TD’s, including a game winner in the final 2 minutes and also caught a game winning 2 point conversion. And that guy is *Michael Crabtree*. Go here, on YouTube, and watch the highlight of his game winning catch in Baltimore. The move he put on the DB to get open was insanely good. Yet you don’t get that in Madden. You can also see his game winning 2 point conversion catch against the Saints and how he caught that pass… stuff you NEVER see in Madden. Hopefully they finally get their crap together!

Sports Gamers Online says:

Madden 18 New Unreleased Details:

Devin Curtis says:

How about they get rid of the fucking insane number of dropped passes? Especially on all madden! Even Julio Jones and Antonio Brown drop at least one pass a game. Or, if you sim a season why does everyone have terrible stats? More often that not there won’t be a single QB who threw less than 10 picks. I simulated a season with a 99 ovr ROLB. He didn’t even get 75 tackles. Cb’s have ridiculous numbers of catches allowed as well. Why does the offense almost always recover fumbles? Why does the number 2 corner naturally start against the number 1 receiver? And why the hell are QB’s so terrified to throw your way? They’d rather test Richard Sherman than an 83 ovr rook! The coaching AI needs fixed as well. They can be averaging 1-2 yards a carry and still refuse to throw the ball, unless It’s 3&5+. They should adapt to how the game is going. If your last three screens got blown up for a loss, why would you keep running them?

Jimmy Gonzalez says:

can. I game share madden 17 on PS4 I’ll pay 12 mil coins lmk

alex almanzar says:

Juke System Needs To Be Lowered

Tim F says:

Dude you nailed it. I agree with all your suggestions and I hope EA listens to us!

Scorp Leo says:

2:50 step up in the pocket, scramble or throw the shit away. You want to take sacks out the game too?

JJ Johnson says:

why don’t they just make stats like play recognition matter to stop play spamming

MaddenWillNeverWork says:

Before I think about watching the video: Have they ever granted our wishes? Seriously.

Sean Dupree says:

I hope that it is as authentic as possible. I know that this is a video game but you have access to the NFL. You have had almost thirty years to improve this game and me for one am tired of the gimmick defenses and glitches in Madden. I want to see real coaching strategy from the CPU – where the game adjust to your play calling. I also want to be able to sub players at any position during the game. If I want to sub Dontari Poe and use him at FB like Kansas City did in real life let me. Also I want to adjust every players socks regardless of the team and whether or not they wear stripes. LeSean McCoy should have his own running style were he runs sometimes with the ball out in one hand. And I want lineman to look like lineman. I want real football!!! C’mon EA give us what we need baby.

The #1 Catch says:


V Lone says:

I wish they worked with 2k

The Joker says:

i wish they would stop running like forrest gump

Samel Summersett says:

I’d like to see the pants above the knee.. more a customization complaint but maybe u cld pitch it

mine dak says:

is that real madden18 cause it’s madden 17 or nah

Yo Kel says:

Change the goal line fade route

micke auguste says:

Can they bring old school team like 2k

TheRealCBoyd says:

Mini Games

Jose Zepeda says:

M17 was trash every player has the same stats

jim roberts says:

Be able to choose your punt/kick teams for kickoff and punt team

Garrett Fox says:

My player mode please could have a 7 on 7 type thing like how 2k has my park

Garrett Ramsey says:

Better back shoulder throws !!!!!

Franklin Clinton says:

I wish Sony could make a NFL game again look what they doing with MLB the Show     San Diego studio need to make a NFL game  bring back gameday

Corbanno The Vlogging Guy says:

who else hear after Madden 18 trailer

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