Madden 18 Gameplay NEWS!! CHARGERS VS FALCONS!! SUPERBOWL!! Madden NFL 18 Transfer 99 OVR Player

What’s Madden 18 Gameplay NEWS!! WR/DB Interaction In Madden NFL 18 As Realistic as It Gets!! All About? Watch and find out!
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Madden 17 Ultimate Team Playlist!

Madden 18 Trailer By EASports

Madden 18 Madden 18 Gameplay Will Eliminate The #1 Community Defense “Dollar DB Fire 2 Press” By Doing This!

Madden 18 Transfer Your 99 OVR MUT 17 Player To Madden 18 Ultimate Team:

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Game: Madden NFL 17

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Andrew Hooper says:

Yo gmia I don’t know how I’ve never found your videos before this I just started playing mut17 this year, but anyway your videos are so fucking funny you make me piss my pants literally every time i watch them no lie I have been binge watching all your older videos keep up awesome work and you are no lie the best channel I’m subbed too you make my life so much more enjoyable if I’m having a bad day I will turn on your videos and you will make my laugh the fuckin piss out of myself thanks bro ONE LOVE

TrapBoii Trap G.O.A.T says:

Every other play it happens

Chimpmunkkilla 209 says:

Aye am I just stupid I don’t see a link in the description

James Carroll says:

What am looking forward to madden 18 making the AI smarter because like a user my middle linebacker but a hate people doing the same play everytime I lose my mind

Caleb Ballton says:

If u think madden 17 is bad on xb1 try madden 17 on ps3

Joe 27 says:

Ray lewis?

Joe 27 says:

Im getting the goat edition for mut reasons

FallenWolf says:

Bill bilicheck watches TEG for plays

Brady8812 says:

I am for the same reason want the early MUT stuff

skmydkyafag says:

This is the new graphics?

urlacher51 says:

Tom Brady is the L.O.A.T , “Luckiest OF All Time “

Frank Davila says:

Where is that video where you can transferred 99 over to madden 18

ddt928 says:

Is Greg100698 real TSG? Hopefully not. Dude is a straight bum and he’s a quitter

FallenWolf says:

5:32 look when the receiver pancakes the cornerback

FallenWolf says:

Don’t mind getting Barry. He’s elusive and can juke the blood out of u, but in madden, elusiveness, spin move, and juke doesn’t matter anymore

Frank Davila says:

Can’t find that video

D-man2524 says:

Deion or Lewis. Defense gonna be a must need

Ts Nike says:

wheres 99 ovr transfer vid? anyone finds it plz tell me.

reservedintelligence says:

Corey Davis because of the Titans running game

Tom Brady because I prefer pocket QB’s with good accuracy if I buy the GOAT edition

grant green says:

I’m looking forward to mut squads. Been waiting to get shit on with my homies in madden for a minute now lol

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