LIMITED EDITION 2018 NFL PLAYOFFS Stefon Diggs PULL! AND GAMEPLAY! Madden 18 Ultimate Team

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Gameplay! Stefon Diggs got a well deserved LTD card after beating the Saints, and we got him and played with him

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madden boss says:

Eagles jags super bowl

Cheef Frogesseseses says:

to mins


Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what is up everybody

that nba baller says:


AcTiVe GaMeR says:


Kaeleb says:

Saints fans call that pull rigged

Uganda Is My City says:

Do u know de whey

Tyler Whitehorn says:


Aaronfozzy says:

I pulled a stefon diggs in my first weekend league getting gold

ultimate gamer says:


Chico Sal says:

When I barely started madden in madden 17, i thought limited editions were BAD cards XD

Braxton Jeansonne says:


Josh Berry says:


ultimate gamer says:

how do you record madden video

White Co Bruh says:


Owen Bashaw says:

I pulled 86 diggs what a troll

SL 07 says:

Yo can someone please trade me like 90 overall cards I’m in high school ain’t no way I’m giving shit to EA

Volunteer 6 says:

How to spot a basic FB fan

Nick Foles: OMG I know that guy!
Leonard Fournette: Annnd u lost me

Super Duper Mari says:

Is your Randy Moss a Out of position player

Volunteer 6 says:

Playmaker Julio Jones…. So anyone else watch the falcons and eagle’s game

Cynical Vlogs says:

Lel they gave him a 94 just for one play

Shawnjusticy 1 says:

Diggs got real lucky now he’s getting a new card

Cole Robbins says:

Pull at 1:50 like if I helped you

Keep Digging says:

My channel named based of Diggs

Mich Nguy says:

dude how come my packs odds are not like that wtf

help me find a channel name says:


eddie callahan says:

Skol nigga

Neel Shandal says:

Bro where did u go? Why u disappear on us

Awesome14 says:

What happened 2 your Titans franchise mode?

Tre Matthews says:

Get wentz

Ndudi Enwereuzor says:

94? Too low.

That Hippy III says:


Tate MacKenzie says:

sell moss because you already have defense moss and you have Ginn which is your fast WR and also sell Julio so you can use both your limited times

Mobile Gamer says:

20th comment and view eskkkkkeeeeeeeeetit

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