Here’s Madden NFL 19 PC Gameplay For The First Time In A Decade

After 11 years, Madden NFL finally returns to the PC. Here’s over 30 minutes of PC gameplay for Madden NFL 19, with both the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants facing off.

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Games2dye4 says:


Alex Murphy says:

from MetLife Stadium

Matt Stacey says:

PC player is the worst corner…literally runs off of the field every time the ball is snapped. Like 24:30 wtf?

Afrokido says:

Whoever’s playing is ass lol

Har Ne says:

13:05 Dumbfuck EA’s dumb AI (RB) STILL gets stuck behind players even though theres a wide fucking lane open right infront of them. Fuck EA

MightySquirrel says:

Looks like shitte. Is this 2009 version? Graphics, animations, everything is subpar. But hey it has monkey dancing so its all cool.

iamjay says:

Why is their knees always bent, even when just standing there, such a turn off, fix that shit. Last i check human’s stand straight, not bent at the knees. This has been a problem and in my opinion the laziest animation, ever created.

A14n r13d3L says:

This looks half assed even some jaggies on the helmets

Flower says:

Heck yea

Sentient Sandwich says:

these textures and animations are not up to standard. i can barely see their dicks shuffle from right to left while they run, as i would in real life. i mean its 2018, you would think that EA would get their dick physics together. Maybe its youtube’s compression and the end product is less than desirable but i really feel this is a disservice to people that want realism to the point where i can see ripples in Carlos Hyde’s ass in slow mo instant replay as Tyrod quickly and firmly lets him know he did well.

nani1962 says:

Hopefully mods can fix these ported consoles textures

MrMadeye2020 says:

Time to add mods and play as Thanos

Ant McLeod says:

He should have shown the video settings. Looks like 30fps to me….This looks like the 8th grade computer club wrote the code. Didn’t EA get the memo….CD PROJECT RED is here.

Mr. PIN 360 says:

Will this have cross play with xbox? Trying to decide if I want to support this on PC or just get it on xbox where my friends and family play.

KoRnTwIsT says:

if they can only release a baseball game or boxing game like fight night in pc.

Trophy Stackin says:

Wow best game ever mega PC graphics unless your PC is a potato

Cousin Chris says:

2K Sports needs to get back into NFL football. The Madden franchise/monopoly is boring. Lack of competition maybe

Dru LLoring says:

i have a strong ass pc and this looks lowkey trash, player models look boxey, smh….. which doesnt even make sense. ill get it on my much….much less powerful standard ps4

Antonio Gonzalez says:

Bro this dude is straight ass at this game

TheCigarGuy says:

All the people saying the person playing is trash, and bashing him fir possibly not having a top notch pc are pathetic.

You are all reasons this game has declined.

There is a reason there are leagues that change the sliders to make it more realistic. It’s to avoid morons like you.

Drew Biggah says:

This game I always gonna be garbage until I can play co op online in a franchise with a friend where we both create a character and play on the same team against the computer…until then fuck EA and fuck madden

Matt Coffee says:

i played madden on an amiga computer with X and O’s in 1993, im 45, this looks great, you kiddies are on crack. i was in college then and had a typrwriter and no cell too , the good ol’ days when trolls DIDNT EXIST . fuk i had to play atari and atari 2600 when i was a kid, you little know it all maggots make me laugh….
that being said, i think im gonna stick to ps4 and grab the HOFversion… save the pc for Arma3 an Battlefield.

Ricky Smithe says:

Ea trash

Josh McGrath says:

Why in the world would Jonathan Stewart be starting

Trojanfan666 says:

Probably using a potato PC… at least I hope thats the reason it looks like shit lol

Games2dye4 says:


Dan Parker says:

They still have these idiots on the call. They’re worse than Nantz and Simms.

Daft Solution says:

Colan you imagine how much cbetter NFL 2k would be by now. The only thing would be micro transactions

Pixeltainment says:

yeah sell me a game thats the level of 2014-15. Dont think so….

Albert Hoffman says:

just looks goofy and unfinished

Smr3101 Gaming says:

Dude who in the actual f*** plays in that camera angle. This is how you know the person playing is new to madden.

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