Heater! How Many Limited Can I Pull? Madden NFL 19

Pulling Ultimate legend packs and Combine Star Packs for New Limited Donovan Mcnabb & John Ross. New Ultimate legend Night train lane & Walter Payton Also in packs! Madden NFL 19 News Info and Pack opening! Buy MUT Coins here: https://www.gobuymmo.com/ Use code Scomo for 6% off
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Andrew Berg says:

Too bad you didn’t pull 3 Andre Reeds. Lol. Awesome pack opening!! Keep it up man.

RG i3lu says:


noneya buizness says:

If you want John Ross why not do the nat reroll?

Matthew Z says:

Lol 2 98s who is this kid blowing at ea lmao haven’t pulled more then 2 93s all year and have a 96 overall team tell me how madden smh

Rocky B says:

Toke Made you bro!!

Jazzy Productions says:

Hey Scomo I just read the description for the 97 combine and it says that u can’t pull a 98 out of it only 97 other wise it would say 97+ not 97

Byrd Man says:

You can get night train lane to 99 speed by powering him up to 99 for 93 speed sprinter tier 2 for 95 speed legends pass d for 96 speed and rams or lions theme team for 99 speed

Dylan Conner says:

I can’t even play a fucking game without it lagging out. I have 20 more to get 500,000 mut master

NittanyR32 says:

Packs juiced for me! 6 UL packs: LTD Ross and 2 full UL- Reed and Guy

Dave Bert says:

Best video of the year for you scomo great job!!

Jared Baseball says:


James Pegg says:

That mcnab pull was nasty it wasn’t even your UL spot

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