Full LEGEND Mike Vick the BEST QB In Madden NFL 18 Gameplay? | The Mike Vick EXPERIENCE Highlights

In this video I talk about Full LEGEND Mike Vick May Be the BEST QB In Madden NFL 18 Gameplay! | The Mike Vick EXPERIENCE Highlights

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Game: Madden NFL 18 PS4 Pro/Xbox One S

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Luxuriousguava says:

Love the vids man

The Flash E3 says:

First off Vick is trash an so is Madden 18

Daniel Hogeland says:

Freddy b n crack chem Irving are clutch on deep routes. Andre reed is next cuz spec catch n speed for slot plus hits threshold for cit. Cit is the new zone stat for offense. Thanks for the info its got me double the points per game.

angelolycan says:

“Through my body”

Zombies Madhouse06 says:

Please don’t rage sole my favorite qb of all time

Antonio Baptiste says:

What about Randell C I think he has 86 speed

Leighton Harris says:

Oh and Gmia I have a one play td with cover 4 drop u need a qb with 90 plus throw power but it’s like a pa post with 3 receivers and you run to right and wait for post to drag over and boom

Madden18 Boi says:

If I get Vick I’ll find away to make him trash….cause I’m a bum….

brodyrocks712 says:

Nothing beats flashback Rodgers

Armon bob says:

I had vick I was struggling until I found my favorite offense in the game spread option from NCAA it not as good as NCAA but that option is all I know

KING SO says:

cover 4 drop on me i will run wild cat with vic and damires thomas cheese 60 yards every time mike evans blocking is chees 2

Edward Venus says:

I was lucky enough to get him in the level 40 pack

o Adorable says:

I respect you gmias

DarkEmeraldzz says:

Michael Vick is not the best quarterback he’s alright

Armon bob says:

I wanna see a pro player go against the norm and come out running straight read option type offense people aren’t ready for that

Tyler Lerum says:

For a mill is big baller

Leighton Harris says:

I got mike Vick last week man he is a straight monster but u gotta get that move the sticks Chem increase his accuracy plus like 4

Madden18 Boi says:

Gmia what’s your favorite play on Offense and defense

Wyatt Smith says:

what playbook

3rd coast gaming says:

In Madden 04 I was so raw with ATL dudes would just want me to come over to play them to try to beat me and stop Vick lol

TUF2BME says:

He is so damn good!

BAMProctor Gaming says:

Is the pistol playbook any good? Does it have option plays

Minecon Cringe says:

It’s all about that 89 flash back cam newton

ramjamflimflam says:

go G!

Wyatt Smith says:

i use 87 vick and he almost never throws bad throws

ShatteredPluto says:

You proved me wrong gmia… thought for sure vick would be gone before thanksgiving. Glad you finally found a good qb!

ThatBeastmode.OG says:

If u gonna use Vick u gotta get them falcons color rush my dude

Earnest Peoples says:

Cover 2 contain is how you stop Vick not better then Wentz

Luke Swain says:

Vick is Jesus I picked him up after you recommended him cause I had the 91 before and he was trash but the 93 Vick with read option playbook has made my offense unstoppable in H2H. Thanks for the advice Gmia

Jose Arana says:

Keep up the good work gmais your the best madden youtuber

Armon bob says:

Been running read options since NCAA 09

Jay Billz says:

They fixing everything but the PS4 lag is getting rediculous

Travis Grant says:

Cover 4 drop was made by Satan lmao

Juan Cardenas says:

6:40 I was waiting for that R1 TD

Malabul says:

How do u use the in and out juke move with vick i have team leader marcus mariota going to try this out always get cov 4

tyler hodge says:

Finally made it to all madden 2nd string aka the top 1% of madden players and i did it with an 86ovr team. ESGETIT

Luxuriousguava says:

I want Vic but he is to much so I’m picking up 91 warren moon

Super Flame says:

Aye gmia what do you think about the 91 warren moon?

Reed stone says:

Gmia I️ asked bout Norman on twitter and I️ picked him up n I saw you were considering getting him and all he has done is made plays for me he’s also a solid tackler if you still wanna pick him up I️ would get him

MVfishing says:

I don’t even play this game because of hb wham and cover 4 drop show 2

Bransen Eppes says:

Wish I could get Vick but imma no money spent and teams worth about 750k

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