EPIC FINISH IN FIRST H2H GAME! | Madden NFL 18 Online Gameplay (Buccaneers vs Raiders)

In my first H2H game of Madden 18 the excitement didn’t take long to show up. Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders were my opponents, as I used the Buccaneers. This was a fun way to kick off Madden season with Madden NFL 18.

I will be announcing my Madden 18 Franchise team this coming week.

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Madden 18 Franchise Mode – https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/news/2017/playnow-franchise

Madden 18 Longshot Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBZwjP6MpZo

Madden NFL 18 Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tvT0dgyV34

Madden 18 News Playlist – http://bit.ly/2r9vMfX

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RarelyEvenn says:

If you picked the Bucs as your team. I would watch EVERY SINGLE video.

costcoman34 says:

Tampa bay would be a great franchise 😉 or the titans

lony barnes says:

the speeds are inaccurate in this game marshawn lynch can not out run no db in the nfl, i smell chese

lghrns says:

Oh my lord everybody going to be the raider and cowboys

wolf82l says:

Balls for the 2 pt attempt and damn with that block I’d freak.

Aaron Turman says:

Use the Bucs for your franchise!

Ultimate 2DK says:

Looks like someone is hinting there franchise team

Cj mcarthur says:

this probably the best Ranked match ive seen in a while. Plus it was with the Bucs!!!! great channel been here since m12

Trey Simmons says:

Bucs been my team… Love my home team #BIGBUCS

Isaiah Walker says:

Or the rams???thats gonna be difficult and Ik u like the challenge

Caleb Mathis says:

Cane is not the worst madden player in the world who knew?!?!

tangopup10 says:

During the guess the receiver part, I though he got sacked. The defensive player got pretty close to winston.

tom mellish says:

Your definitely my favourite madden youtuber, i remember the papagianapolous raiders CFM, Thats what got me hooked!

Looking forward to you confirming who your CFM team will be for this year!

Tim Smith says:

I see the block kick cheese is still here

DolFan316 says:

Note to self: If I’m ever playing against Cane and all I need is a FG to win at the end, I might as well just quit.

tick757 says:


Caleb Ballton says:

I say some random dude the isn’t open and you get intercepted or lose 20 yards

dave dingus says:

Great game. The other guy probably let out one hell of a sigh when that FG was blocked.

V2x says:

Just imagine how a Kalispell game would’ve looked with these graphics smh.

JuSt DriZZie says:

That ending was very fitting, I’m glad you aren’t one of those guys who always goes for it on 4th or goes for 2. Neither was your opponent. It was a good game actually, and that block was clutch as hell lmao.

Dalton Bolser says:

Auguayo missing field goals even in Madden lol

Z Berneking says:

Wide open

Isaiah Walker says:

Can u handle rebuilding the jets????

Real music/Authentic WWE 2k Footage says:

No mut draft game play?

M Squared says:

Gameplay is crisp.


I don’t like madden’s block kick mechanics.. in the NFL, most of the blocked kicks are from an tall interior lineman swatting it down

Joe Drew says:

Cane you should show us all the new CFM features!

Wait a minute…

Hite Outdoors says:

I’m really gonna miss watching Godwin play for the Blue and White. I think he can become a good receiver someday

Joey Mandell says:


Drake Lee says:

I think for madden 18 franchise you should either use the jets or bears. Maybe you can develop trubisky into a star or find a franchise qb that the jets have been looking for a long time.

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