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Charleston Lewis says:

When has Madden never had a post Launch patch that’s all I’ve been saying the Devs knew about the bad zones etc, way before your video go see Imav and Madden Daily they already informed Rex about the issues way before your videos so stop acting like your the reason for the patch because the patch was coming regardless because the other guys already told EA about the issues.

Clint Woodley says:

For real a qauterback scoring a 50 yard td?

Little shayla says:

Well I hope they fix the custom playbooks because it affects game. Its happened in the last 2 maddens

TrueStory Sounds says:

Great info. I just subscribed based on your passion alone to see a great product. I like that man. Keep it up. I’ve heard from game changers videos that the zones were broken. Flats and deep zones don’t play well at all. If possible will you get Rex to address this and patch this hopefully?? I sent him a message via social media and still haven’t gotten a response. Thanks man.

James Bonds says:


Michael Sherwin says:

Someone linked me the video its
Not hating on the views Its that 90% of the video is incoherant babbling. One was 16 minutes long and you said something like dont tell my momma for 14 of it.

Everyone knows madden sucks. The cheesers and mut players love it that way. But I thought it was going to be a video on what’s broken and its like 2 things spread out in between you going on and on about god knows what.

dillon taylor says:

There is a ridiculous glitch in ToKe gameplay in his greatest comeback in madden 18 video. when he does the onside kick at the end the opponent retrieves the ball and cannot be tackled for a few seconds

Billy Davidson says:

Saw cookieboy video this guy Knows his stuff he has pointed out flaws in madden 18!!!

James Bonds says:

Good WORK!!!!!! #Word…..

Brian B says:

King wolf you the man on this shit dont worry about the pretenders they dont know squat do you man and thank you for tips

Pryloh Priers says:

yo dope videos fam keep bring up legit issues..i spend way to much money on this game to not get the absoulte best!

Houston B says:

The only solution to maddens problem is to terminate their nfl contract and bring 2k back problem solved.

Ian greutman says:

Screw the haters Wolfe, you tell the truth

Derrick Thomas says:

If you been playing Madden since the ambulance came on the field. Then you need to play the game and shut your mouth like everyone else! No boycott talk or exposing glitches in the game. Just buy and play. Because when we had 2K football at home you football illiterate punks keep supporting Madden. Now we all stuck with it !!

Mark Firestorm says:

Nice work…I wish more people were calling stuff like this out in games…I have thought for a long time that games aren’t tested well enough these days and these sort of bugs are far too common….I honestly wish EA had some competition with someone else making football games because it’s like they aren’t even trying anymore…..I really wish they would bring back the career mode from the players point of view like they had in the games from around 2005/2006 that was awesome…I cant believe they took that out of the game

robert shelton says:

Yo kingwolf i figured i would address you directly as a man to let you know i like your page and you gotta another sub, it may not mean much anymore with the bullshit restriction filters and patreon being the way you get paid here now but i wanted to mention as a conniseur of whats great i’d express that

Mohammed Bouayad says:

I knew good call

KennedyNation17 says:

If a QB has 80 or more speed, that is OP since speed has been “nurfed” or brought down this year. True true I agree with Mobile being OP

Derrick Thomas says:

Y’all lack comprehension

Jeremy Little says:

Can you get them to get the original franchise weekly schedule system? Where you can play any game with just one green dot And make it easy to pick multiple teams in franchise?

Ben Murray says:

The zones have been broken since 16

Brandon Keisler says:

The whole fucken game is a bug!

Sam says:

You should put J mase’s link in the description bro

kingrclrg says:

Nahhhhhhhh like he said base you’re line

Beastryan1013 says:

Lol this dude tags Mitchell tribusky deshaun Watson john Ross other clickbaits like that just for view EXPOSED

Niner man says:

Way to go bro…getting shit done!

Todd P says:

Song intro?

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