Axis Football 2017 Gameplay – Pittsburgh Steelers Vz Dallas Cowboys With NFL Mod



Much improved from the previous version.

C_Schultz73 says:

For a small project I have to say this doesn’t look too bad. Yeah I get the PS2 references but with the budget you can’t expect it to be on par with EA graphically. PC players have no real options other than to play a very outdated Madden. I know we’d all love to see every new game that comes out to look as good as Madden and play better but if a game can nail the gameplay then I’m more than willing to take a hit on graphics. Heck, I still prefer 2k4 and 2k5 to this day over any Madden since then and 2k4 has HIDEOUS graphics.
That being said, player movement is kinda stiff looking and the transition animations a little rough so hopefully those are things that can be addressed. Otherwise it seems to be shaping up rather nicely IMO.

Bighou says:

tackling looks awsome. Yeah just smooth out the running animations and ya’ll are set.



chilimac24 says:

Man if you don’t get this PS2 stuff outta here

Avenger2108 says:

This is making some incredible progress.

Steven Garcia says:

For the main menu or The intro it should have multiple soundtrack so it won’t be a little boring when you’re fixing a roster, trading players, signing free agent or changing some settings.

TheMovieEditor says:

Worst running animations since madden 1996-1998 days on ps1

88Terrors says:

I would suggest to he axis guys that they need to look at their player movement and think about how they can add momentum to the players when they change directions and have the appropriate animations to go with it. They need some trigonomic functions to say hey, if x is moving x pixels at a time to the left, on change of direction slow me down a bit first then take me the other way at a speed appropriate to the players speed and agility ratings.

If they can get the player movement right, they will have come a long way into catching up with madden. In reality. The first game to get the player movement and good animations to go with it, will be the one that can challenge madden. Once you have that down the rest of the features will be easy to build upon.. They got the game looking decent enough to be
Playable just get the player movement cleaned up.

Infinite Wisdom says:

At least this game has Chearleaders! Something Madden has yet to add lol

Khalid Brown says:

Is the Beta out to preorders yet

Society Punk says:

very impressive these are great building stages!! is this only on PC ???

Steven Garcia says:

It will be cool if the crowd can said the teams name or like ( LETS GO DEFENSE LETS GO!)or some Instant replay so it looks like you’re just watching it from the TV and while the commentary is talking about how impressive that play was like saying (wow, what a catch, amazing pass, what a way to start the game, do they need a big stop on this one, it’s all or nothing, Great read by the defender, A good run by the running back, he’ll go all the way touchdown,wow the coaching staff is really doing a great job, excellent pass by the quarterback) or at the end of the game (what a great effort by the team but it was still not enough to win the game)

pigfeet79 says:

I noticed the big improvements from last year

pasGedden7 says:

I’m loving the progression this game is making from top to bottom from everyone who helped make this thank you so very much that’s the developer dollar jr. I mean everyone thank you very much continue working on this game it will only get better

#OXY Moron says:

I’ll stick to madden lol

t8keit2dahead says:

I hope the slow down the game some. Unnaturally fast. Makes out look cheap. I like the improvement tho. Will definitely purchase

Society Punk says:

for the ones that are bitching about Graphics it’s about gameplay!!! guys you have to give this thing a chance and let them build off of it, so they can improve and get better! what’s Madden’s excuse???????????????????

Just DiVine says:

I’ve never seen so many people complain about a game that ADMITS to it not being so great. Put some faith into a game for once. You wanted options? Well, you got em.

Steven Garcia says:

I hope they change the running animation so it look more realistic.

Bolts says:

i hope they put a touchdown banner when a team scores instead of there just being 6 on the board

Samuel D Asimolowo says:

looks good but will the running animations be changed? only thing atm that is holding gameplay back atm. running animations is a bit stiff

J Rob says:

im all in

Ira Trotter says:

Still a ways to go… But its nice to see they want to compete with professional sports gaming. Support is needed!

Steven Garcia says:

It will be cool if the game had a made up broadcast Channel like when the game starts The commentary will say(hello football fans… today’s a great day for football on sports247 Channel) or when the halftime is over The commentary would say(welcome back to sports247… now let’s continue this second half of the game) and at the end of the game the they say (well thank you for watching axis football on sports247 i’m David Steele saying good night or just saying good day)

KingJavo says:

Game is getting more polish each time I look. Awesome job guys! Keep grinding. The game is closing the gap little by little.

Spencer Harris says:

gonna stick with Madden and apf2k8 animation fluidity is there but not great there is some robotic animations that need to be fixed but overall I like the game needs some improvements but looks solid

Elvin Solano says:

Baby Steps.

Reese NineEightNine says:

This is a great alternative for pc compared to madden 08 (the last madden released to pc)

Notorious S.A.M says:

Sorry to say but Madden 17>>>>This game.

Mark Biddix says:

much better but still has a long way to go.

Kmemu Ka says:

I wonder if Madden 18 Target Passing is gong to be similar to this.

optimusgoob says:

Nice !!

J. R. says:

this is hot garbage….forget trying to compete with Madden 18 or 19 or 20……this is barely competing with Madden 98

putteminthegame says:

Lookz good; promisin even

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