101 OVR MOST FEARED ODELL BECKHAM CATCHES EVERYTHING! Madden Mobile 19 Overdrive Gameplay Ep. 14

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Uuuh Ujuj says:

Bro if the redskins aren’t good why are they 5-2 and best in the NFC east exposed

Ajo8562 says:

10,000 madden bucks for a 92 overall card and some…………….. daaaaaam EA

hooper4life15 says:

You da man qjb

Travonne Noel says:

I’m at lvl 31

itsJoshPlayz says:

Who else got a gold player in the live event pack?

itsJoshPlayz says:

They need to make if you don’t reveal players, it will glow blue if it’s a diamond, similar to shaking Elite player.

Brandon N says:

Yeah yo more Overdrive. Fuck NBA Live

Xavier Danielson says:

Today I pulled a 95 overall lesean mcoy from a standard blitz pack. I actually got to meet him in real life to tho.

SuperGokuKid says:

Why qjb always buy stuff instead of playing the game for it and why was he so surprised when he got the obj it said the pack came with him

Kevin Martinez says:

Qjb make more Madden mobile packs and bundles

-_- DragonMaster 1 -_- says:

99 halloween promo jalen ramsey in store now

What What says:

Why is this shit not worth playing if you not spending money on it….

Selfie Masta!!!!! says:

I have that game. I’m at level 12

Richard Kong says:

QJB go to the film store you can get a 90 overall player

Fusiøn Drøñe says:

QJB Please join our league PH•AEROZONE®©™

Dean Fulford says:

Crack addict is back at it

Daniel Muhammad says:

The face of a man with no life and or female friends

Lazarus Beair says:

Go cowboys

James Harvey says:

Don’t come to Florida cause its freezing Down here to

Chosen says:

I have a 97 overall gronk, he’s such a beast!

Kim Tremblay says:

Seahawks rule all

Jose says:

Do more overdrive matches !

Savagetumble 21 says:

Is it just me or does qjb look like bigshaq

nelly quintero says:

The Giants are not trash

Juan Medina says:

You’re so cool

Keyshon Washington says:

Don’t ever mess with the redskins super bowl bound

Lemon kids says:

My name on that game is litmaster

Colby Gilbert says:



Giants just need a o line and a lb core FacTz

boss nation says:

Do a livestream of spider man

Lamar Jackson says:

Do that in NBA live mobile

ThatBoiJrReallyHere- TBJRH says:

Can u give me a shout out i only got 19 subs and i do nfl overdrive. I do season gameplays and Overdrive Episodes

JAZELLE Ferguson says:

Qjb I got a 81 overall and 686 power

kEVIN Kenfack says:

0:51 remember that

Eduardo Perez says:

His voice is annoying

Appex Predator says:

Look it’s EA’s bitch



Who You? says:

Qjb is the bro cuz he open up packs for the people who can’t afford it u da best qjb

JB offroading says:

Bridges got swag

Jim Trevor Valdez says:

Nba live QJB

thegodly Moore says:

I forgot the Redskins we’re a team


go cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

king Nate says:

Qjb vs MMG…. Anyone?

Daniel Legaspi says:

how to put lebron in SF position in nba live?

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