I expand the cave and found a zombie!
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Cole Standifer says:


Jefferson Polanco Cool says:

A home

Chris Stephens says:

You was shifting

Michael Hershberger says:

you must be feeling dumb

NoahNinjaWarrior 123 says:

Fight the ender dragon.

Ethan Evans says:


Good Friday says:

YouTube put kids to play with you if you have enough for

Awesomekid4896 says:

Clitius in minecraft I want you to either have a fully survival world and you can have this one you have for this option another option is to have a flat world in creative and build like a chity!

Benicio DeStef says:

Make a toilet on Minecraft

Shivaraj Patil says:

do you make money by making these videos

Devi Fernandez says:

make a

Hp Vlogs says:

Your not sick your crouching

Javier Trianah says:

that nose was a stom

Chloelove Lamo says:

you should build a world in minecraft id be nice of you if you’d do it im a big fan but if you dont want to its ok do what ever you want

Omarion Johnson says:

I like your bids 😀

Jade the Girly gamer says:

I would like to see u build a huge hotel in minecraft

BlessedThrone says:

i see you trying to break the trapdoor using a shovel, but anyways good gameplay

Ender Man Killer says:

der Zombie ist DEIN BRUDER weil er genau so dumm ist wie du deswegen ist er auch bei dir ins Haus eingebrochen PS:behindertes Video alle dislike

Tyson Dean says:

Is it just me or am I annoyed that he said he had a “Zombie Effect” LIKE BRO UOU ARE CROUCHED

John Heger says:

Can you do a 1 hour tornado video

Stephanie Parks says:

find Herobrian Herobrine on the PlayStation 3 station

hasan gaming says:


hasan gaming says:


nick knight says:

Ur house is BETTER than that idiot girls hiuse

Kevin Gaddess says:

You are not sick you are krawcht pres R3

Bearon Old Coyote says:

You weren’t infected you were crouching

Pluto Gaming says:

what do u use to record?

Wires_GAMES says:

I plaaaay this ahhhhhh

Isaiah Williams says:

please do more of this.

JakeReacts ToSomething says:

Check out my vid plz there really good!!!

cool kib like me says:

i i’m a lover of cat’s they are so cute 🙂 🙂 O:-)

TubeGames says:

Nice video. i liked………….

daniel ledford says:

you were in sneak mode

kuadguygaming says:

What do you record with

Malek Nader says:

Can you make another video

Awesome knight Cross says:

It was thunder

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