WORLD BORDER GUARDIANS (Captive Minecraft Survival)

The world border is expanding and so are the dangers! (Captive Minecraft 3 EP 2)

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I am back with a new minecraft survival series! It has been a very long time since my last minecraft survival series, but we are finally back with some captive minecraft! This is captive minecraft 3 episode 2. In this series, I try to expand the world border but unlocking more achievements so I can survive better! This lets play is family friendly. I hope that you enjoy this minecraft challenge, minecraft survival map gameplay.

✅ Captive minecraft
✅ By the Farlanders

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


Charging Creepers says:

*Grabs half his salmon* Okay we only have 5 more salmon


Also put in your votes how long till he realizes he can grab two free chests in his base

Niels Hennissen says:


David Zarate says:

I’m watching this a day after it was uploaded.

Will I skuas says:

Dab in a video please

My cat just died and it would make me very happy

Harry Thomas says:

I have played this map and it is so much fun

SmartName says:

you can throw a diamond at a zombie and sometimes the zombie will pick it up

blaggjah13 says:

Here’s a tip: DO NOT have night vision on when you go to the Nether; the Nether constantly applies blindness to you and night vision + blindness is extra dark for some reason. You be able to see better without the night vision on.

Poockie Doockie says:

Hi logzotdip

Jörgen Ekström says:


Exile4 Gaming says:


Exile4 Gaming says:

1:30 twitter bird poop

Gabriela Luna says:

Make a bow and fishing rod

quincydraak 111 says:


giorgos sakkas says:

spoiler alert the shings is the most impotat thing in the game because is teleporter

Logan Berry says:

Try throwing a diamond into the air and catch it for achevmant

ItzMe Sparky says:

… 24:49 …

Jak 17 Rudolfs says:

enchanted anything huh? then enchanted dirt block XD

Caticorn 21 says:

Smelt rotten flesh then leather

Alexander Cadelina says:


Talha Pekdemir says:

Use gold nuggets to get golden apple.

Leader Dude says:

What’s the generator

Josh Payne says:

Attacks can sometimes go through blocks if you don’t place them “all” around, which include the corners. Anyways, loving this series, keep up the great job…

Saivinayak Daya says:

Shouldn’t Tyler use another helmet instead of the respiration helmet? What if it breaks? Then he’ll be in trouble when he needs to go through another water part…

Robert Burke says:

Logdotzip:nononononono oh nonono

tai bates says:

Love your video

Dimitar Dzimbov says:

try to break some of the fish spawners so they can’t touch you and don’t worry there is plenty of them so you can still make a fish farm to get free food

MrBoblax101 says:

Hey Lodotzip you should make a enchanting table by 2 diamonds and 4 obsidian and a book,all you have to do is get leather and paper and I don’t know did you have obsidian though,if you do,make a enchanting table next episode love you 🙂

Lovely B. says:


M4gm4 F0x says:

Vines grow back dude.

Ryan Cobalt says:

You can make rails

Jolita Liškevičienė says:

Do only one command attack on titan 😀

Leave a like so logdozip sees

Hero TGD says:

Oi oi You’re forgettin d numbers dudeee cmonnnn men the number of episode love you<3

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