WORKING ON OUR LEGO BRICK RIGS STATUE! – Minecraft Gameplay – Crafting a Brick Rigs Lego Statue!

Welcome to another Minecraft Gameplay where in this episode we start focusing back on our lego brick rigs statue! We finish Billy Bob’s other leg and start work on our torso! I hope you all enjoy this minecraft gameplay of me building a statue from our Lego brick rigs gameplay!

Keep in mind this is a Family Friendly and Kid Friendly YouTube channel! All gameplay on this channel is good for kids of all age so keep that in mind before you comment on this minecraft video of my brick rigs monument that has lego and voxel style graphics!

Want more Minecraft, Voxel Turf, or Brick Rigs gameplay? Make sure to check out more of my youtube playlists down below! I have have almost a complete playthrough of Lego City Undercover as well!

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Minecraft is a voxel based gameplay but is as open world as it gets! In this series of minecraft, we will be dedicating our time to building monuments and statues in honor of Brick Rigs! I hope you guys enjoy this minecraft gameplay series!

Minecraft has been the most recommended gameplay to be seen on my channel! It has very similar style to our Voxel Turf gameplay! I’m also building a huge statue of Billy Bob from Brick Rigs! This gameplay is based on us discovering the tools and materials needed to complete our lego statue of Bob from Brick Rigs!

I hope you guys enjoy this gameplay of minecraft and our monument of bob from our brick rigs gameplay, check out this playlist here!

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Keep in mind that this is a kid friendly gaming channel.. Family friendly viewers are welcome! If you comment down below, make sure to keep this in mind! Be aware that this is family friendly and kid friendly gameplay of minecraft, brick rigs and my voxel turf gameplay!

Minecraft Gameplay is going to be a full series on my channel! Considering how much you guys love my Voxel Turf gameplay and Brick Rigs Gameplay, I had to bring Minecraft to the channel! With its Lego Style of art and its kid and family friendly nature, I thought it was the perfect fit for the channel!

If you would like me to complete this Brick Rigs, Lego Styled statue on this voxel turf style setting on minecraft, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe!

Want more Minecraft Gameplay? Check out this Playlist here!

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Dustin Dowling says:

I love the new intro even though its like week old and MERRY CHRISTMAS and after christmas show us what you got

Reese Watson says:

Oh and merry merry Christmas O.B

Stacey Smith says:

O.b don’t look into the endermen eyes and if they go after you just jump into the water

Arif Mirza Abdussalam says:

Play with spy

Wündenland says:

these zombies are inVadinG mY hoUse I need sPycak and Ob security

Alex Monamochamuch says:

I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this yet! But I just realized that I’m finally able to watch O.B play Minecraft survival mode! I can’t believe how I didn’t think about this! lol

Anawaris Waris says:

O.B you can make diamond armor , sword and pickaxe , and shovel

Reese Watson says:

O.B what we do every year on Christmas Eve me and my older sisters each get to open up a present that has a pare of pajamas and we wear them to sleep and that’s what we do on Christmas Eve and also you can change the color of glass I don’t know how to do it so if you figure out how to do it than you can change the color of glass on Billy bobs legs to blue glass

Hunter Bledsoe says:

(My username is thecoolhunterb)

Zildjian Garcellano says:

I dont like your skin change it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manda Young says:

Running and jumping makes you go faster:)

Luna Liz says:

O.B can you do a part 4 to part 20


Billy Bob’s memorial is almost half done

Mr.motorcycle Dude says:

In the last later before bedrock

Sergeant Payday says:

Hey O.B.

twocvbloke says:

Endermen are nice, they’re just saying “What’s up?” and “How are you?”, they’re just a little self-conscious and don’t like to be looked at, but it’s okay, just jump into a body of water and they’ll leave you be… 😛

Olivia Golverdingen says:

i love the new intro good job

Mamie Wiese says:

no they can’t

Hunter Bledsoe says:

Hey O.B soo if you need any help building i can help you (Or in other worlds stuff like that

Jamie Collins says:

on I played Minecraft since it came out. beings brake wood so use a iron door with a leVer

Logan Buglet says:


Case Plays says:

Uh ob
Can I teach u minecraft

Jon Timms says:

Play Dead Rising 4 with spycakes

evil zombie99990000 says:

merry Christmas ob

Zildjian Garcellano says:

O.b change skin please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

// HurricaneGaming \ says:

O.B! PLAY ROBLOX JAILBREAK AND THERE’S A TRAIN SO YOU CAN TRY TO STOP IT. But you would just need to use some cars but try to do a livestream on it! Merry Christmas Eve! Merry Early Christmas And Bye Bye Beautiful O.B

John Bass says:

Hey beautiful OB should dig one block down in front of the door so the can’t break the door down

new holland says:

Hi o.b

Sabage Cabbage says:

Merry Christmas O.B have a good Christmas!!!

SoupInABox says:

I was the tenth like 50th view. XD
Ob have you though of changing your skin in minecraft

ziedzieko andales says:

Nice Singing Bro

gaming dragon says:

If you get 4 bucks of lava and pot it in a 2 bye 2 square it will make a source that would never go away also creepers can’t break stone so as a line of defence build a stone wall around your house!

Dylan Jaramillo says:

That sssss is a spider

Antus Papier says:

Do more subnautica

Arif Mirza Abdussalam says:

You could just make the statue in creative mode so no mobs will disturb you

F*ekEm GaMing says:


radit wasono says:

ob you placed the door backwards

Thorin Oakenshield says:

O.B., thanks for being a family friendly channel. Too many you tubers swear way too much.

gcoronado90 says:

L9ve you videos and have a Merry Christmas to you and your family

Jon Brady says:

When will you make a x-rated channel on le hub?

Mr.motorcycle Dude says:

16:25 that was a bat

Jon Timms says:

You got coal obezzers

ZenAR Gaming says:

i got a nitendo switch for christmas!!oh,and merry christmas to to ob

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