WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! WHAT IS THAT?! (Funny Minecraft Gameplay)

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Music by Kevin Macleod 🙂 http://incompetech.com/
Intro- River Valley Breakdown by Kevin Macleod
Credits- Corncob by Kevin Macleod

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Preston Garvey says:

i need help. the strike on the moon (big ogre dood one) wont let me play it. it is blacked out like i havent unlocked it but theres no other missions on moon that i can do! do i have to replay missions or what do i have to do?! has this happened to anyone else?!

Ty Holloway says:

Why the fuck are you bleeping curse words? YOU SUCK

Notablemuffin32 - says:

oh dang is this destiny 2?

Simey LetsPlay says:

shellshock live ?

Carter Stevens says:

so happy to see ads, I hope your channel grows more and your income keeps coming in

DribblGod Inc says:

Y family friendly make cussing again

JovialJem says:

Chibi, you should try out 7 Days to Die 😛

Ol'RedWhiteAndBrew says:

is this xbox 1 or pc? Assuming it’s the one.

Amber Owens says:

The destiny 2 gameplay reveal trailer looks dope af

Fear _Shima says:

Family Friendly Melvin

Mr. Mayhem says:

Dregs Promise And No Land Beyond
Tell me….

Which one is better

Cat Bird says:

Omg another trailer for destiny 2 appeared well I guess it’s time for me to watch this trailer in all the other languages I’ll be seeing you in 4 months


was minecraft updated? i haven’t played it on xbox since we got horses.

AwokenThorn says:

Ryan just went PHHFT!

chibirobo12 says:

To those think I am joking… I am not haha I actually recorded this weeks ago, this summer is going to be MANY games but Destiny will be priority with 4-7 Destiny videos each week! Double Uploads more often too. So yeah Minecraft XD

Shashank D says:

You forgot to bleep “f*cking dickstrap” at 9:29 -.- . 9/10 family friendly

Pika Fail says:

Reese is back!!


When Kayla said killing trees with baby trees I typed that on twitch!! I’m famous now yea!!!

Rycola 200 says:

Chibi is the best


Wait omg Star Wars Minecraft!!!! Dream come true!!!!!! Yoda teach me!!!!!!!!Chibi loved the voice impressions they were hilarious!!!!❤️❤️

Lachlan Shalala says:

Doesn’t Kayla like minecraft or some game like this

D01 DarkHelmet says:

please stop with the family friendly thing. it was so funny when you use word like bitch fuck you and other thing

AcEd Penguin says:

Chibi Minecraft is cancer. I love it. 😀

Lunar Cookie says:

“Fucking dick strap, I could put on a dick strap”

Brayden Carreon says:

love your vids keep it up and your really funny

Lugmos Geneos says:

I dont care what other people say, I rather enjoy this video

Twist Gaming says:

your bleeping now noooooooooooo

Kaname Sayama says:

“i need a stuff!” = Adorable

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