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Welcome to Vivecraft! In Vivecraft gameplay you can play in the world of Minecraft through the fun of virtual reality! I’m playing Vivecraft on the HTC Vive and exploring a brand new single player world. If you enjoy make sure you let me know by leaving a like and a comment!

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Intro Made by Ds43m:

Intro Song – The Swing by TexasBrother:


Guy25 says:

like your vids 🙂

Empty Empty says:

yeah they fucked

they fucked it and impregnated it beyond abortion

with the antichrist lemme add

Zeina107 says:

A sheild mod would be tight with vr!! And the gun mod lol

Treetalk says:

I want to play Vive Minecraft. I really do.

gaming team says:

early squad and new squad

jack wood says:

Keep up the good work I love ur vids

Daniel Børtinghus says:

and i hope you are playing as long as you can <3
ps love you vids

Animation/Song says:

Imagine riding a minecart in circle i bet that be dizzy

Ashton Lenarczyk says:

Hey Ctop just letting you know that your videos are great and I have been really enjoying them 😀

TCM1211 says:

awesome episode ctop can’t wait for more!

jrbudda says:

Also re: switching to the bones: you’re touching the hotbar with your right hand, that switches items (you can turn that feature off if you want)

Seppe Budenaers says:

mincrft int giong to be a serie

Logan Hutcherson Hutcherson says:

Great Video Ctop 🙂

MACBEAST ! says:

yah vrcraft yet another minecraft rip off

wolfez hovo says:

nice a vid and a game

FRB FRB says:

more I love it

Adam Hernandez says:

Ctop what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Adam Siders says:

way i can get minecraft fpr free torrents antlyone?

TheDucKGames says:

Ctop, you should download a city map and jump off buildings assassins creed style and cool shit,
Also. I had no luck finding this out but maybe you know, will minecraft in vr come out for PSVR? Because I’m getting bored of our limited selection for psvr,

KC says:

You can Shift, pretty sure its grip, but you can definitely shift, also btw you can select things on your hotbar with your other hand, its a lot easier than scrolling.

Spiral Universe says:

Love it nice work good job keep it up

Cucumber Man says:

plz more

A Cow Eating Beef says:

13:21 I belive it’s pronounced spoopy

LukeAsArts says:

I want to know if you can crawl in one block spaces…

McFreshfleisch says:

You didn’t jump IRL though 😛 But thanks a lot for listening to the people! 😀

NoobOfTheNoobs says:

Play more, i like this game. You can also not stream this game.

Craniac 324 says:

Ctop any chance you could play the game what remains of Edith Finch

Kyle Blane Plays says:

The hit to knock away the “leave a like” graphic was smooth as butter.

rodmarcia says:

Ctop deserves way more subs

Hopless Sou1 says:

What about making a farm with all the animals and crops

Coppercanos Gaming says:


jrbudda says:

You can sneak with the left grip button so as to not fall off.

Ricardo Sanchez says:

Ur really good at building

Daniel Børtinghus says:

thit is awsome

Derp Kun says:

i think you escaped from those cops in microcity after they sent you to court for mass genocide pretty well.

Alan John says:

Yo Ctop, you know what would make some good merch? Cormick plushies

Ruslan Grybchuk says:

This is so cool! Would be awesome to see multiplayer with some mods like voltz in VR too.

aerolance XII says:

there is NOBODY in this world of YouTube that deserves subs more than U CTOP!!!! U are my favorite youtuber and U deserve 50 MILLION subs in my opinion! U we’re the one who introduced me to planet coaster which is now one of my favorite games! If not it is my favorite game! U really do deserve 50 mill and I wouldn’t even be surprised when u reach that many! I know u can do it and ur loyal subs including me have ur back!!! Like and comment if u agree!

arthroxon nö says:

oh no i missed the stream D:
get some cows it makes gettin books easier and do ur stripmining lower. i do it on level 0 even though its not the best for diamonds i usually need 20 min for 20 diamonds

Evan Holtz says:

That is so cool

twiztedslim2010 says:


KBCplays says:

ctop- i will not leave until i have full health. leaves at 3 hearts

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