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Welcome to Vivecraft! In Vivecraft gameplay you can play in the world of Minecraft through the fun of virtual reality! I’m playing Vivecraft on the HTC Vive and exploring a brand new single player world. If you enjoy make sure you let me know by leaving a like and a comment!

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Intro Made by Ds43m:

Intro Song – The Swing by TexasBrother:


Squigglbot says:


PyroBlaze202 FTW says:

Ooh those were really nice builds

Al botatoes says:

Hey see if you can use the Elytra wings and fly they are newly added and are so cool

TechnicJelle says:


actilator745 says:

I’m the 12 comment yaaaah

OP Craft says:

Are you real or not

Thomas Adamson says:

Play more Planet Coaster!


Anaya Owens says:


Daniel du TOIT says:

Every day we stray further from gods light

Tristers Lp says:

I’m German but I like your channel and I have sub

GameFace says:

The trippiest thing I’ve experience with the Vive so far was going into creative mode in Minecraft, flying to the top of the world, then plummeting back to earth. Really gives you that sensation of falling!

LukeAsArts says:

Can you crawl? also this is cool. do more

TheGhostlyDragon says:

Had a look at your creations from imgur! They’re pretty impressive, creative mind you got there ctop haha

ThePembroke says:

Like This comment if you’d like to breathe

Codyno says:

I thought Ctop said he never will play minecraft….

pbug04 says:

You should start a series if you haven’t decided yet. btw in the newest version there’s an attack cool down, that’s why it took you so long to kill the mobs xD

Harry ritz says:

Always here at every video! Remember me!

Seppe Budenaers says:

i Found that Minecraft Chanel when we were talking about Minecraft in discord two weeks a go

Blitz says:

Play Minecraft.

TiddlesTheMoose says:

I have 2 questions:

Does it work for the oculus rift using 2 sensors?
Is it a mod for the base game?

OP Craft says:

Wot do you buy if you’re new on Burger King

arthroxon nö says:

ur not to tall ur tunnel is too low

jrbudda says:

Yeaaa, subscribed!

Alex Santos says:

Lol Ctop did you notice you were hugging the wall when you were hugging the pig?

Anthony Monsini says:


Harry ritz says:


Dragon Gaming says:

2:07 HEY its chris p. bacon from stranded deep!

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