TU53 FULL GAMEPLAY! Minecraft Console Edition – TU53 NEW Features FIRST GAMEPLAY! (Console Edition)


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Hello everyone and welcome to the first official gameplay for Minecraft Console Title Update 53. In this video you’ll see shulker boxes, elytra boosters, iron nuggets and so much more! All coming in the next console update very soon!
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Diamond Wo1f35 says:

I don’t know if ive been this excited for a minecraft update it a while, especially cuz I’m a creative person

ThunderPika88 says:

YAY! I was watching a video today and I saw the Shulker box chest thing, and I got jealous. XD Because, my inventory is always more than half full.. So now I only need one so for Shulker box and I am sorry hyped! 😀 😀 thank you Ecko 😀

CrazyGamerYT Builder says:

usually 4j starts showing off full gameplay of an update a few days in advance to when it fully comes out. so maybe we might possibly get this update by the end of the month. like if you agree

Racing Studios says:

will dual wielding come to battle for a place to put your arrows???

Minereggie Crafttaylor says:

you can save and quite your world crash glitch bug in to to to to to to to but it still save and quit and auto download bug in issue

Syndicate gamer says:

command blocks?

FahmiGamingHQ HQ says:

no dyeable bed 🙁

AshGamezAlot :3 says:

Camels? Parrots? Shields? So many questions about this new Update!

Shadow_ andWolfgaming says:

There might be a update so you can put other things in your hand

Blamer Blaze says:

i love dual wielding one of the best I feel its tied with shulker box too as the best features , also what if new beds are in the new update?

Obadashark leader of the shark team says:

I m Tue 900th comment

Kolby Gonnella says:


Brian Xisto says:

New beds?

Connection Crasher says:

Can we have custom textures- pack?

1221yeah says:

#q and a Will there be shields?

CmeCrazyCow says:

i cant wait to see these blocks with the other texture packs

Tyler Baxter says:

You can use pick block on win 10 just click/press scroll

Alexmccool ' says:

no offence I’m not a fan of pocket edition but cross play would be nice

Joey Cammilleri says:

When will it launch or has the new update launched

Timothy Aust says:

No mobs ?

Laur_ Wolf_XD says:

Thank you for the Info.

And Now i am finally gonna use Gravel and sand more.

I Never knew how PC version works because i never had it.

I only had The Pocket edition but since 2016 i got a ps4 for my birthday so now i have the ps4 version (console edition)

JMinecraftGamer says:

ecko i want command block i got it on pocet

Kolby Gonnella says:

Wow holy shit there like 1 way away for, being done like there already done I CANT WAIT FOR DUAL AND STUFF YESS

Jeff the Moose says:

if they add realms will you need membership to join a realm because I have no membership 🙁

The Mini Kingdom says:

Who else cant wait for the update (Not for duel welding) im a builder type so I cant wait for CONCRETE!!! And Glazed Terracotta! Ohh the decorations! ;w;

M4lum Channel says:

Hi @Ekosoldier ! Where i can watch Minecraft Gameplay Previews ?! they have a twitch or?

SimosGaming TFS says:

Welp time to make some adjustments to my Automatic Trash bin once shulker boxes come in the console edition :v

Eddie Mathis says:

You will get in this place Minecraft-Alt for free the risk-free as well as works out plus.google.com/u/0/+MineCraftyAcc/posts/SqyCKq4NPXj

JMinecraftGamer says:

i want command block i got them on pocket

hey guys scarce here says:

Nothing I see good I’m passing

rachel pranisa says:

hey how to put an item in your left hand ps3

Greenlime 490 says:

*why is there two people in facecam but you were not in?*

Dino Gapple says:

Wish they added Mob spawners to creative menu

deadshot Daiquiri says:

I was on mine raft. Last night and it said would you like play tu53 and I did it soon cool I was able to use all new thing I lake building :3

Mark Dutton says:

ar they going to add shields to Minecraft Xbox

EndermanMC says:

I’m always he 5th like

Matthew Sly says:

Is this TU53 or TU54? Because I’ve heard both!

Cedric Gan Lim says:

It kinda dissappoint me, because there is no Mansion,llamas or colored beds. They are the important features not those new blocks. They skip updates, I like back then that they follow pc updates because you will know what features to come

MouseDaCatYT says:

Hey ecko umm are you excited for tu53

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