The Fastest Diamonds Find of All-Time! Funny Minecraft Gameplay #37


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Tristan Charles says:


luqman islam says:

Not only is clutch funny, but family friendly as well, I’m glad he doesn’t curse or swear

Resi Ten says:

i saw the diamonds i expected him to shout really loud and unplucked my headphones but then i only heard a light “diaaamonds” *voice crack*after they were unplucked i nearly had a heart attack thinking he was gonna scream. kind of like i died hearing him get a saddle

Christian Hellwig says:

tip don’t dig straight down

Michelle hunt says:

Diamonds are better than gold

ItzIVO says:

Awesome Video! I subbed to you could you sub back only if you like my content! I loved your so i put on *notifications* aswell. Could you turn on notifications for my channel too? Thanks 🙂

daiana francois says:

clutch use a furnace and smelt the iron ore and gold ore

Mcui Minecraft says:

btw why are u so happy when u fund the diamounds like wtf u hurted my ears ;-;

TubeGames says:

Nice video. i liked………….

CJ Braselman says:

gold sucks in Minecraft

Nicholas DeFanti says:

Wow… I want to YouTube with you now

To cool a says:

this man is gay

Elijah the Youtuber says:

I do

Conner Smitherman says:

Save diamonds then find two more and make a diamond chestplate

Jayden Vlogs says:

Nobody likes stampy

Jayden Vlogs says:

Gold is useless

Gaming with Alex and Colin minecraft says:

The reason you knew there was lava nearby is because when when you find diamonds there has to be lava nearby

boygaming 2427 says:

my hole thing is filed up with diamonds

Aic boy59 says:

You can put coal inside your furnace than the wood

Christian Hellwig says:

you could fall in lava

Jeremiah Montgomery says:

Make another video about grand theft auto 5

Carmen Frisch says:

find more diamond ore,s and get 64 of em

Foxy the Filmer says:

an u sub me

TheGamingBat Dude says:

Diamond is stronger than gold

The life of greatness says:


Natasha Howell says:

i love diamonds

Veronica Gore says:


Conner Smitherman says:

Anything gold SUCKS

Ely Bullock says:

He had wood in his inventory for a crafting table

The creative show says:

i found diamonds on my first day

Romanuel Barber says:

rip headphone users

Lowery Kids says:

love it vids but good advice don’t dig straight down. he Lucky

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