Survival Minecraft, Start to Finish… Without Stopping

Going back to my roots, it’s time to beat vanilla Minecraft from Start to Finish in one sitting. I may have to move around and like… go to the bathroom and stuff.

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Warning: Very Bad Gameplay


fucking gaylord says:

i just saw this in my reccommended and i clicked for nostalgia and un-sad purposes but dude youre so sweet and you so care about the community and its so apparent. i really hope that you dont lose this about you as you grow 🙁 ily and this videos making me feel better rn

ruben paez says:

The ender dragon going to eat you alive

Cara Foster says:

I like puns

XX Black Wicked hearts says:

OMG this is nine hours

Michael Wargo says:

You complete my life parker.

caitlinidk says:

Oml i remember watching you when your channel was small! I absolutely love you and good luck with your life. The 6 day stream would be amazing but dont stay awake for too long! We all care about your health and wouldnt want you risking it for a video

Drew Wiley says:

Brohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop you need ironnnnnnnn

Kenneth Beardsley says:

wait what?

T-Series says:


Michael Wargo says:

chest’s are only in Blacksmiths houses.

Veteran Viggo says:

Your voice reminds me of AttackingTucan’s!

Firesavage 10 says:


PremiumChurros says:

What d you use to record

Lonna Barnette says:

Parker am watching this in one siting with you please reply back to me please.

Pizza Empire[PE] says:

This is my last video befor bed…

Tyler Gendron says:

You poor soul

Mr X says:

Dude I watched this from beginning to end – it was really good – can’t wait to see you stream again

maqsood788 says:


Payton ThePotato says:

i just watched a vid where a guy finished minecraft in 96 seconds um

TheCRFrider23 says:

You from tv

Vincent Mims says:

Parker you are so good

Lonna Barnette says:

Puns are og

Brianna Brown says:

Sooo who watches the whole thing

Cara Foster says:

At night

kaischronicles says:

You remind me a lot of Tobuscus

Sarah Pierce says:

He skipped so many sheep.

T-Series says:


johnjcdd says:

Lol I don’t have time like it so far tho.

Derpy says:

I hope that Sadie is fine

Kaison Ingram says:

i watch u on Disney XD

fatima zahra baro says:

You’re on TV on Disney XD

James Carter says:

who is Greatest Ever!?
She is so random

Drew Wiley says:

I am new to your channel

braidan says:

some people beat minecraft in 15 minutes… 9 hours is a bit crazy but it is understandable

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