Running from GRANNY in VIRTUAL REALITY! (Minecraft VR Gameplay & Roleplay)

Minecraft VR Gameplay & Roleplay where I am running from Granny in Virtual Reality through a spooky forest!

Today in Minecraft VR, I summon Granny to our world! Granny is mad that I’ve brought her to my world and chases me through the forests and caves of minecraft! Will I be able to escape this scary jungle and survive Granny in Minecraft?

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Paleo jake's place says:

good lan this was creepy.

Matt Weick says:

Happy thanksgiving buteful ob

Amanda Lash says:

no no no no this is not real!

Assassin's creed 4 black flag Edward James Kenway says:

Please summon Freddy Krueger but first get a bed and do some research on him

Bradley Maddocks says:


Adam Ramos says:

Make another one

thenewdavid_99 says:

Iove ur vids keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

TechyOsprey says:

Sam is the hacker group of friends and family members who have a heart ❤
You know she was going to the best of your u

Brick wrecker Bedford says:

Cool so funny

lisa white says:

ob you can hit objects with your hands instead of just pressing a button.

Sylvia Castillo says:

Ob Simon bendy

SP Warrior says:

#560 and 561

SP Warrior says:

I liked the video 2 times cause how good it was

Afandi Tohiri says:

O.b you can slash mob with swing your hand to them

The Christian Gamer says:

did SSundee visit him and place the cobblestone at 15:43. Lol just joking

Michelle Jensen says:

He has three signs two and only one was used. How did he get the other 2?

Boomatron5000 says:

1278 ah … view thing …

Cian Davies says:


Michelle Jensen says:

O.B Can you please stop editing in the noises to make us believe it. LOVE the video

Gunther Stottlemyer says:


gyan zinken says:

OB you are never alone.

Justine Majamin says:


carlos cortes says:

Summoner be so mean like that

Pizzapie5 G says:

OB another cool video

Robert Soran says:

you should play gang beasts

Darth Vader 167 says:

OB i have a challenge for you can you build the USSR flag in Minecraft but a giant version? Pls 🙂

Agnes Li says:

Do more of that

Augustus Gravley says:

82nd, keep the content coming.

Miguel Tejeda says:

you should do is go to granny a grave a torch and burn her


playing minecraft vr multiplayer with spy and camodo plz O.B

Bradley Maddocks says:

Summone balding.

Danielle Watson says:

Also I watch all your vids

Cheryl Talarico says:

Baldi has a hair sticking up on his head so why do they call him baldi and why does granny go side to side.

Dade Livingston (2027) says:

Play Fortnite its free on epic
-Chicken Nugget

Kathy Foster says:

Great video ob

Danielle Watson says:

summon null at 3am on mine craft vr

TechyOsprey says:

Sam is the hacker group of friends and family members who have a heart ❤
You know she was going to the best of your u

ML ML LA says:

Try summoning damua tu cosita

Matthew Williams says:

I am a huge fan

K FREEZE says:


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