PUSHING THEM BACK! – Minecraft WW2 (Call to Battle Mod Gameplay)

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➡️ Resource Pack Used: SMP Revival
➡️ Most Music from EpidemicSound.com

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📕 Disclaimer: This production is not to be considered historically or politically accurate. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY! Thank you.


Brickorplate's Life says:


Никита Писарев says:

My name nikitosik03.)

Dedruifsquad says:

Server ip?
And MC version?

ItzRedFox Gaming says:

Nice gameplay, Scotteh!

Vincent Judakov says:

Scotteh? Will you be making a WW1 roleplay? You know, trenches and frontal suicide attacks.

t b says:

im the first one wachang

Tane Paul says:

nice video scotteh

Brickorplate's Life says:

930th wiever

Dontavious Furlow says:

Can you do a wwlll

Trina Graham says:

Man u play the best games ever in mincraft


what ip:?

틱파이터하는사람스 says:


4MrirfanangYT4 Minecraft says:

Good luck for 60K subs 🙂 hope you got 1M is not posible to get tht 🙂

Svdikar says:

Cool thought.guns sounds like almost real.

BD King says:

Whith mod create matches because i want to make a server so i need help

TheKklerWF says:

what is the server addres

UniBoy666 says:

Can you play Strike Zone pls

Sergio De leon says:

Buddy boy you’re the best and earth listen to

milk man says:

i love when you play the game

FireWestGaming says:


[ITA]zPolarGaming_MC says:

YEAAAHHH FINALLY A WW2 VIDEO! I love you videos General!

Tane Paul says:

and I’m starter youtuber

ItzRedFox Gaming says:

You are the best Minecraft youtuber ever, Scotteh!

Duganian united tribes and kingdoms says:

When’s the next ww2 role play video at?

Aldin Torno says:

push them with thompsom

HarrysTheFighter Gr says:

How can I subscribe if I already subscribed?

Games Balkan says:

Best video ever

Philip Appoh says:

their should be a blitzkrieg mode in this game

RYDER303 Minecrafter says:

Lets push them back *uses sniper*

Koala Playz says:

Is this avaible for 1.12 and up

Tane Paul says:


ItzRedFox Gaming says:

Scotteh, I have been playing Call To Battle 2! PS: Minecraft Username: ItzRedFoxGYT!

Zeke tales122 says:

Hey Scott

ItzRedFox Gaming says:

I want to be in a video, Scotteh!

Annapoorani Ramanan says:

Ayyyyyyyy nice

ItzRedFox Gaming says:

That is for if you want to ad me in one of your servers, Scotteh! OK!

TecLabs says:

loving the new content!

Vincent Judakov says:

Scotteh, will you be making a WW1 era roleplay? With trenches, artillery, suicide charges and poison gas.

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