(PC)Minecraft Gameplay w/Girlfriend|Survival Begins|PART 1

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Renatriuxtrix8000 says:


XxTheCaptainFluffyxX says:

You Should Pick People To Play On The MC Server With You! It Would Be Fun…. Just An Idea.

KIDDASH 65 gaming says:

pls show me ur server i wannajoin

Aero_Punk 05 says:

what version is that??

JesseSFM says:

Smash that butt-on.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (jk xD)

TheDiamondTNT SFM// TheDiamondTNTMinecraft says:

Brah no offense but I really have been a huge fan but I’m a kid.. Can u stop cussing if it’s not to much to ask I’m looking forward to ur vids but I can’t watch them! Thanks plz reply telling if u will. Plz do it cuz I’m looking forward..

mike germann says:

As you find out that one of your favorite youtubers has shifted from dank FNAF videos (you were really showing potential with those final SFMs!), to minecraft, you start to hyperventilate, as you were fine with the switch from SFM to gaming, but from FNAF to minecraft was too much for you. you wake up in a hospital, as you had suffered a heart attack. You ask: “he didn’t switch right?” but they hand you your phone, which is currently on HIS channel. (PC)Minecraft Gameplay w/Girlfriend|Survival Begins|Part 1. Why, just why?

Mr. Springs says:

FNAF modes

GoldenGibus says:

You’re finally playing a game that’s from your name!

The Michael says:

I personally don’t like Minecraft, but I LOVE the commentary. =D

DanyBlue98 Animator says:

You are so cute together :3

Ghost With Hell 30026 says:

Yes plz make your vids longer because I like watching you play games with your friends and girlfriend

Joseph Childers says:

Plz do the FNaF mod

asyraf zahid says:

The cringe is real!

Abbyninjamonkey says:

is it bad that I image you two kissing

RaichuPlayzMC/ MINECRAFT PE says:

and do /keepinventory true to keep your inventory everytime

Aero_Punk 05 says:

super intro i like it

Papyrus Foxy GAMEING says:

Do the more tnt mod

EDI Intro maker says:

yay finnaly minecraft

mtn dew mlg says:

I think 20 minute vids would be good

Sol33t303 says:

The mic your girlfriend is using sounds like carp. But she is really cute 🙂

TheIEL says:

MinecraftGamer The New VEGETTA777

Terry Alvarez says:

Fnaf minecraft mods they been making every month plz get the mod with all the fnaf characters.

young green says:

hey you should buy the game on phone and theres an app of skins and maps and another app call minecraft multiplayer master you can create your on world and anything

Funtime Foxy says:

Can you do longer vids plz

jessica quinn says:

give the pick to your girlfriend

_Pirate_ says:

Isn’t It Obvious that MINECRAFT Gamer Is Playing MINECRAFT??


Brendan Roser says:

21 m

CaptainMax [Kromium] says:

Try Fancy on MINECRAFT Series

Sol33t303 says:

I went searching for skins to see if anybody made you one and somebody has!

the lms elements says:

more minecraft pls



sheila-marie Marcos says:

Everyone in the video who knows Grian?

mtn dew mlg says:

When me and my cousin get on Xbox edition, what we do is go down a certain level, then stripmine for half an hour. We end up finding tons of diamond. I think you should probably try it

captain drex says:

The wooden axe does more damage than the sword but the sword is faster

Mchazef _ says:

помню она еще раньше играла в майнкрафт с другом)

King of the Trap says:


BlueBunny Gaming says:

yay minecraft

exoz z says:

hey good vid but edit the sound its bad 😀

Amber Grace says:

Plz do the lucky block mod cuz you can get really REALLY good drops from the blocks!;D

Ghoster GamerX says:

This… is…. AWESOME, do more of this :D!

Sol33t303 says:

i like longer videos 🙂

CattyMattyTaby says:

I think someone told me that someone think minecraft was called minecrap

Ronaldo Marcos says:

I know a guy that can improvise your cavehouse

The name is grown

And I play Minecraft as well
Because it’s cool

I was even playing on a unknown server 🙁

Bad thing my account is cracked

Good news I had discord
Here’s the server anyway

Frostrealms ( cracked only )

Apologize Gamer says:

and the animation MINECRAFTGAMER???

super royal cat says:

nice gameplay

Paul Anthony Hernandez says:

five nights at freddys mod

royal 505 gaming and more says:

minecraftgamer, could you do half an hour episodes? then it is not to lonh and not to short.

mtn dew mlg says:

Nice video! Minecraft is pretty fun. If you want to do mods, up to you dude! Left a like before school. Lel

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