NEW UPDATE! Minecraft Pocket Edition – 0.16.0 FULL Showcase & Addons Gameplay (Pocket Edition)


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Welcome to my first official 0.16.0 release livestream, today we are going to be checking out the NEW Pocket Edition update – 0.16.0 comes with addons, boss update and much more hope you’re all excited oh and the addons map is above byeee!
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Smokey Quartz says:

can you give me a link?

GGW Gaming says:

Sub me plz

FluffyUnicorn 19 says:

why wont the server work i have the update but it says valid adress

Mihaela Ilie says:

Minecraft 0.16.0 KO

NukePlayZ - Gaming says:

Nice Video!!!

Emily Grantham says:

Mcpe is so much better

Henry Wood Vlogs says:

We got it on a wednesday

Jefferry Co says:

I got it yesterday

Constantine Lin says:

You got addons

Lewis Wheatley says:

I have the version on iOS I got it 5hours ago lol everyone else can get it

XxChloeWolfxX #1 says:

Guys anyone one here play mcpe and can’t play it because it keeps crashing!!!!!!if mojang is reading this please fix it

pink sheep's homie says:

i already have one 0.16.0

Creepingdeath bro says:


Constantine Lin says:

No wifi

KafiTheIcyGamer says:

so long

Constantine Lin says:

Nope fake

Constantine Lin says:

You got addons

Constantine Lin says:

I watch you I’m cool kid

Constantine Lin says:

No wifi

Dylan Caster says:

why do u not have more subs than pewdipie?

Brith Hello says:

They need add something new for android it’s change the name to minecraft android edition and for iOS minecraft iOS edition

Emma Frank says:


Rex Mark says:

I saw that you play Clash of Clans so do I but your game name I’m the orange crushers

Gear As says:



I don’t have iOS anymore but I need to buy the game again my parents allow me but they don’t have the cards or I guess the credit card to buy the games or VIP stuff XD

TheFlamingMinecraft says:

Can u invite me to ur realm? My Gamertag is Doctor Yoshi565

Cooper James says:

I’m on iOS I have it

Kiry Vann says:

My download on vshare verison is 0.15.10?????

Kiean Kinyon says:

The 0.16.0 is now out for the IOS

BaconHatBuddy says:

Holy crap. I don’t play for 2 months and this is what happens???

Foxy_23 Minecraft says:

Ecko…can u help me??if i sprint,ill disconnect from server….

Christine Holmgren says:

My gamer tag is TheBlackWidow22 I would really like to see what it is like 🙂

Troy Donovan says:

can someone please help ever since I updated my minecraft to 0.16.0 it won’t let me login on servers whenever I put in my password it says it is wrong but I make sure I put it in correctly and when I change my username to register again it says please put your password even though I changed my username it should say please register but it doesn’t can someone please help me 🙁

Lisa Rogers says:


Dead Crafter9 says:

how do u pause the game in minecraft pe

Mark Dacara says:

It is on ios mine i have ipad mini i have it on appstore

YaBoyGaming says:

What he uses for recording

Ivan TheMinecraftGamer says:

Is also on iOS

Jeff Horton says:

whatseed is that

Ӑ҉Ԃ҉i҉ YT says:

voise sync not activated

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