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Emmanuel Dominguez says:

Did u built the mob farm in an episode?

AJSpace says:

Hey man! Im looking for people to play with! are you interested? I also have my own channel 🙂

harry potter says:

Hope you get through the loss man, ill be praying for you:) Your channel is an unseen star and just the amount of work you put into it is amazing! Your content is superb, great consistency, and you show your love for the game in such a special way. I rarely play minecraft anymore but your world was something i could have only dreamed of. It’s amazing to watch your world grow into something truly amazing and shows progress of life. Thanks for always making great episodes TDC! Live long and prosper

RagePlaysGames says:

So sorry to hear about your kitten TDC 🙁 hope things get better in the coming days!

Shirley Wiggerman says:

So sorry you lost your kitty. I’ve lost 10 pets between dogs a cat and birds in my lifetime

Soapthgr8MC says:

Sorry about your kitty.

dostiny in1 says:

you use creative

The Saiyan God YouTuber 123 says:

Play terraria

Phil87 says:

You could have a banner hanging from the bottom of the bridge on the beam. I think it’s up high enough that it could look cool.

Aria Shanks says:

Losing a cat is hard, I lost my cat over a year ago and I still get sad. I will always miss her. I hope you feel better, I’m sure she knew you loved her.

Crazy One says:

Sorry about your kitty man.:(

Kate Black says:

Its ok to vent with us! Heart felt sympathy!! Totally get about your fur baby! The one in the photo is my baby – she’s almost 11 now. I love the campfire area!! The ferns and banners add a nice touch!! Hope you feel better soon!

Food Lover says:

I can feel ur pain I’m only 14 years old and I already lost many close family and childhood friends there been times where id think who’s the next person ima lose, witch is the reason why I appreciate where single min I get with my close ones, but the hardest lost I ever delt with was losing my 9 year old cat, I’ve been through a lot with him and it killed me when I lost him last Christmas, take all the time u need to get better I’ve been sub for over a year and I hope u get where u need to be☺

austin malone says:

You can just put a lever directly on the lamp and turn it on

Morgan Earle says:

If you feel like lowering your mob kill floor then that might solve your mobs not dying

I am also sorry about your kitten

〖ĐᒪC〗ᒪᗩЯƵ khera says:

Chaos that secret room behind the campfire should be a underground natural pond area. It would give your ravine a more natural and epic feel.

elbib908 says:

I’m so sorry about your precious cat. 🙁

Jordan Greene says:


DA VYY says:

Hey TDC. I know u wouldnt even read this but keep up the great work! Ive been watching you alot these days cause ur amazing world. I fell in love with your channel as soon as i saw u make these vids with an awesome world. And also i copyed some of your buildings cause they are just really awesome if you dont mind xD. anyways keep up the great work man i enjoy every episode! 😀

Krista Lanie says:

You should make like an open type bar/pub in the ravine. One where you could just walk up to it and grab a drink

Mob says:

I’m so sorry about what happened with your kitten. I hope you feel a bit better soon! Thank you for building my comment you did an epic job and I hope you can continue this series 🙂

Vinny Kilbride says:

You could put the lamps into the stone wall itself. Then you could bury a Redstone torch or use a daylight sensory to turn them on. That would have a more natural flow.

FantasticGaming2017 - says:

Sorry about your cat, Chaos. I like cat’s.

jrdevildog 123 says:

sorry to hear about your kitty bro she’s in kitty heaven now

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