‘My First Minecraft Gameplay Video’ by 6 yr old Jacob OFFICIAL

‘My First Minecraft Gameplay Video’ by 6 yr old Jacob OFFICIAL
Check out Jacobs first hardcore song here: http://youtu.be/Jeosb5k2yXI

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Kassity Mihelich says:

hi jacob

Dragon boy says:

it’s not points it’s xp

Margarita Forsel says:


Shoen Suchla says:

People hate me so much I’m nice and everything hates me so much I’m nice so much please help me so much

Heather Varela says:


GoldDarkDragon Roblox and More says:

yeah me to

Zynx x Reaper says:

why do people waste their day to dislike its so mean

Enrique Valadez says:


Donnacha Russell says:

your shit at Minecraftt shit bag

Helen Nicholson says:


Margarita Forsel says:

its 2017

Jelena Ivanova says:

what’s happy wheels

charlie horvath says:

fuck you bich

Heather Varela says:


Sara Percy says:


Kaiden Brown says:


Joel Castillo says:

I knew that and am only 5 year old

Shoen Suchla says:

Make more mink raft

73scubadude says:

boooooooo:@ :@ :@

Pokemon Expert says:

Everybody look at 5:00 I’m A Master

Marlaina Woods says:

Hey spookyred

Joel Castillo says:

Jacob your a nnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd


Why u call us stalkers
We didn’t do it

BLOXing - Dragon Ball, L4D2, And More! says:

Jacob and I were both born in the same year

Kelvin Wade says:

Boy I played happy wheels win it came out in I will kick yo lil ass

Peechkas says:

AQUA to be the first half of the day before I have to go back

Jelena Ivanova says:

I love Jacob so much anyway he’s so so so funny

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