Minecraft Xbox – Town Tour [600]

Part 601 – https://youtu.be/_qLbH6SSgm8

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this episode I tour my entire town to show you everything I have built in the last 600 episodes.

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Slurpsoldier says:

Haven’t watched for 5 years.

Atmosstudios Inc says:

I have a city too

ZigsterGamingYT says:

I started watching him by episode 1 of the lovely world I even named my worlds after it lol

Haiden the dancer Laughton says:

This is a comment

Thwack Thwackington says:

That laugh that damn laugh

The rc car Killer says:

Cool vid

ZacharyDAwesomeXD says:

You’re just great Stampy!

zayn riasat says:

You missed out iballisticsquid room

michael everwein says:


MicroMichael says:

It’s ironic how a dog named Snowy died by lava.

aria hughes says:

Wasnt the room of no requirement Lee’s room?

Riley Langford says:

arent dogs allergic to pork

Maya Iversen says:

Dude, I watched u five years ago. Memories man

WhatTheFabricSoftener YT says:

Been watching since episode 1. I still watch your videos. I love how positive you are and how you make everything so fun. I feel old watching these haha. <3

Hamed Alabbasi says:

Guys who remembers sky den

Whitefang 73005 says:

Remember the swear chest? Haven’t been here for years..

generic username says:

n o s t a l g i a

Remixlity says:

i haven’t watched this in 7 years…

Whitefang 73005 says:


Mr Misty eye says:

I was in the love garden when I was a little kid and I remember crying with joy cause this guy was my hero……. still is #respectforstampythelegend

Clorox Bleach says:

Thankyou for making my childhood dream stampy, I use to watch this when I was 7! now I’m 13!!! miss your old videos <3

Puppet Life says:

I started watching around episode 50 and stopped around 350 but dang does nostalgia feel good

Jack Frost says:

It’s ironic that snowy burned to death

K Hisham says:

I’ve been watching you since I was 2, now I am 10.

iqbaltrojan says:

1:07:54 Barnaby’s head is SO BRIGHT!

Blackpiece says:

Why arent you publishing anymorw?

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