Minecraft Xbox – Quest To Kill The Ender Dragon – Getting Started – Part 1

Part 2 – http://youtu.be/cmbTvmtxJcE

Welcome to a lets play on the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. In this series Ballistic Squid and myself set out on a quest to kill the ender dragon on a new survival world.

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Benessa Palacios says:

why so much wood at the begening

A life as a Dancer says:

Oh my god…….. I remember watching this when it came out

Chris Kearney says:


Lucas Barrett says:

hey yo theres dis youtuber Alwec HE IS AWESOME check it out #Alwec

DragonRyd3r says:

It’s hilarious how quickly almost everything Stampy said in the beginning of this video was proven wrong.

Caleb Arnold says:

Who is watching in 2018??!!

Vegito Blue says:

I bet stampy won’t reply

Ervin Zamora says:

2018 anyone?

Mischa trahan says:

How to get Minecraft cons

greyStripeGib DG says:

you can dye dog collars.

Wendy Louca says:

I’m watching 2018 !!!!!!!! re watching the series !!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie Rainbows says:

Forget Peter and the Wolf …. its Peter the Wolf XDDDD

Ervin Szinte says:

he said no fapping 17:57 omg

ShadyRacoon _ says:

this has more views than stampy has subscribers. that is depressing.

Shaylynn Clark says:

Any one watching NOW I bet not

Awesome Aiden says:

Stamps you have made a tower it in you world

Oliver Dalton says:

You almost di3d #10 #23

Rahul Gamer says:

Ohh man I have watched this series alredy but Iam watching this again

milkyflava says:

Man i miss these days 🙁

DA ICE King 89 says:

I love your videos stamps!

chris david says:

You could get green die from cacti then die your dogs coller

Thel Vadam The covenant killer says:

Dude did you not see the sheep

Shadow Wolviez says:

I miss you SOO much :,(

Nina Schreiber says:

“this won’t be a very long let’s play”

200 episodes later…

Stevie Seaton says:

Omg I remember watching this 4 years ago

Jill Warino says:

Please don’t use the Lord’s in vain.

Yokai LOGAN says:


Keira Bear says:

stampy do a video with squid a survival letsplay n mods all originial wit hyou and squid

Maddie King says:

18:17 and 8:17 OMG LOL

JD Bond says:

Video was made five years ago!

spider man says:

That laugh

Squeak Squeak says:


Maria Seremetidis says:

Who else is watching in 2018?

Caidence Whitlow says:

Anyone else notice when squid asks stampy to get something he is already doing it?

Vegito Blue says:

You know what would be cool if you were dieing in a block and your dog can pull you out

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